Taking pride of place in Portugal’s southernmost region, the Algarve is famed for its mild sunny climate, long summers, beautiful beaches, tiny coves, Instagram-worthy rock formations, crystalline waters and world-famous golf, among other attractions. Dramatic scenery abounds on this beach-laden coastline that runs from the Spanish border in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

There are definitely two Algarves: one bustling with tourists packed into high-rise hotels and cheek-by-jowl apartments and the other “authentic” Algarve. Of course, you can easily guess which one TRIPWIX is interested in! We went in search of the tranquil Algarve, where you can engage with the true essence of a community renowned for its warmth, generosity and natural beauty.

The Western and Eastern Algarve offer more off-the-beaten-path experiences whilst the better-known central region is a popular for those who want to combine the best of the Algarve with round-the-clock services and a wider variety of restaurants, bars, and attractions. Nevertheless, no matter where you choose to stay, TRIPWIX’s local ambassadors can tailor an authentic Algarve getaway for you and yours, taking you to the beauty spots and attractions that only the locals know.

For foodies among you, this part of Portugal is a great place to eat well – and it is astonishing that it is not better known for its food, which is universally fresh, simple, and delicious. Just imagine that perfectly prepared, succulent Piri Chicken in the quaint hill town of Monchique or the fresh fish straight from the fisherman’s grill in Portimão. Our ambassadors can recommend the best of the best to match your culinary cravings.

Likewise, there is so much history on the doorstep here. Why not visit the Roman ruins in Cerro da Vila (Vilamoura), Moorish monuments like Silves Castle, impressive cathedrals such as the Sé in Faro, or walk back through time in Lagos or Sagres, following in the brave footsteps of 14th and 15th-century discoverers? Stroll through villages dating from the Roman Empire and discover interesting artefacts in the region’s nautical museum.

Allow us to customize a visit that allows you to experience the sights, tastes and smells of a lesser-known Algarve, so you can take home memories of the real region. This region certainly warrants a long vacation, or multiple return visits.


  • About 2-1/2 hours from Lisbon


  • Beaches – With its wonderful, Mediterranean climate and miles of golden sand beaches – the Algarve is popular with families and watersports fans.
  • Water sports – The Algarve offers just about every water sport imaginable: jet ski, parasailing, fly-boarding, diving, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, fishing and sailing.
  • Boat trips – Book one of the many boat cruises offered in the area and see some spectacular scenery. Explore caves and grottoes, feast your eyes on the rugged coastline, or head out and watch the dolphins as they frolic about in the beautiful bays.
  • Fishing – The Algarve is a fisherman’s delight! All types of fishing expeditions can be had here: reef fishing, deep sea fishing… even shark fishing is available for the more adventurous!
  • Gastronomy – Algarve cuisine is strongly influenced by that of the Mediterranean. Fish and seafood dishes are readily available on the Algarve coast, while recipes featuring poultry and pork, along with fresh vegetables, are the main ingredients as you go inland.
  • Golf – With about 40 courses to choose from and sunny days most of the year, the Algarve is a top-notch golf destination.
  • History – The Algarve region is steeped in history, from Moorish monuments, to Roman villages, to impressive cathedrals to nautical museums and more.