Crystal-clear coastline with laid-back living! - Reviewed by Lisa

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Still passionately clinging to its past and defying tourism by not wanting to embrace it too quickly, the charming hamlet of Gümüşlük (Goo-moosh-look) remains one of the most pleasant and peaceful locations for those seeking out authenticity and an escape from the crowds.

The shore, with its crystal-clear waters and memorable island views, is lined with a colourful strip of fish restaurants. You might spot a super yacht at harbour, a few wooden gulets moored in the bay and tourists and locals alike all taking in the views and the great selection of restaurants at hand.

The island of Myndos, an idyllic spot for snorkelling and swimming, is perfectly placed for sensational sunset snaps. In fact, all water sports can be found in abundance in this area.
Gümüslük was built on the site of the ancient city of Myndos which thrived during Roman times but had to be evacuated after a devastating earthquake caused much of the city to sink into the sea. The barely-submerged remains are still visible just below the water line and you can still walk on this underwater causeway from the mainland to Rabbit Island.

Shopping in Gümüşlük is limited to a few simple souvenir shops selling more organic-style products than the chintzy, take-home traditionals. Bags of fresh-picked and dried local herbs are displayed next to organic soaps, candles and sponges.

A couple of noteworthy bakeries make this a pilgrimage for those who fancy an early morning coffee watching the sunrise whilst waiting for local bread fresh from the oven.


  • On the Bodrum Peninsula
  • 47 km from Milas-Bodrum Airport
  • 7 km from Turgutreis
  • 9 km from Yalikavak
  • 23 km from Bodrum


  • Beaches – The beach in Gümüşlük is generally clean and peaceful. Although it is a bit narrow, there is plenty of space as it gently curves around the bay.
  • Water sports – The Gümüşlük area offers just about every water sport imaginable: snorkeling, swimming, diving, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, fishing and sailing.
  • Boat trips – Book a day trip and see some spectacular scenery.
  • Gastronomy – Enjoy a sumptuous meal at one of Gümüşlük’s fine seafood restaurants along the shoreline.
  • Shopping – Visit the Artisan Market near Gümüşlük Harbour every Wednesday. Or wander through the wonderful craft stalls for unusual souvenirs at very reasonable prices.
  • History – Walk across to Rabbit Island atop the sunken walls of the ancient city of Myndos or snorkel in the bay and view the ruins first-hand. Or, take a hike up the hill to the mountain village of Karakaya where you can see newly-restored stone homes dating from Ottoman times. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes!
  • International Classical Music Festival – This annual event is held between July and September in Eklisia, the ancient Byzantium Church.