Hello, my name is Alfonso!

“Ganaderos. Riders. Toreros. Hunters. Lovers of nature and guardians of the land. This is the heritage of my family, a heritage that goes back centuries and that I proudly represent in the beautiful and historical area of Salamanca.”

“My father, a great lover of hunting and a prominent figure in the international hunting world, was the founder of our outfitting business when he opened our property to his many clients over 30 years ago. I followed his footsteps and started working for him as a guide when I was 15 years old. Later on, as soon as I graduated from my university studies, I could not wait to get back into our business and today we both run a very established operation both in private and public game areas. Free-range National Reserves and National Parks with permits provided by the Spanish Game Department, state land with exclusive hunting rights and some of the best private hunting in the country.”

“We also diversified and specialized our areas of operation and nowadays have a team of professionals, all highly trained not only to the outfitting business but also to the country life that we Spanish enjoy to the maximum exponential. We can organize destination events, exclusive parties, festivals of Flamenco and private events at the highest level and with the best professionals in each area.”

“In our beautiful lodge, we have 19 double rooms plus all the outbuildings with the most luxurious accommodations, all with satellite TV, WIFI service, swimming pool, tennis court, clay pigeon shooting, target shooting, wine cellar, private lakes and fabulous relaxing gardens and countryside for hikes, promenades and picnics.”

“What do I do in my free time? Well, I live on a beautiful country estate, surrounded by nature and harmony. I just love what I do, so my life is free of time or schedules other than those I happily make happen for my visitors. If you come visit me, you will know what I mean…”