Nice to meet you, I am Fernando Ros!

I live in Sotogrande – an elite development on Spain’s Costa del Sol – with my wife and children.

My Profession

I am a Private Banker focused on International Wealth Management with 22 years of experience in more than 5 International Private banks. My most recent resume addition was to become an ambassador for TripWix!

My Passions

I am passionate about golf, golf, cars, golf, wine, polo, golf, golf… did I mention golf… and my home … Sotogrande!

Where I Live

Sotogrande is the ideal location for enjoying all my passions. I work in a multinational environment as well as practice golf on the best golf courses in Europe – they are right here on my doorstep and I get to enjoy mostly sunny weather year-round.

I have an Andalucian soul, so I live right in the center of all things that I consider traditional and part of my heritage: history, horses, music, food, wine and dance.

I love inviting people to visit me here. I love showing off all the exceptional amenities that we live with, especially the beach clubs, golf courses, the polo clubs, the world-class dining but also the tiny local restaurants that serve daily specialties. Guests are always amazed.

Unique Experiences

There are so many things to do here! I love being with people and seeing their faces and hearing their stories when they have enjoyed some of the following ideas. Nobody understands what a special place this is until they live it.

Sotogrande is growing but it’s been here a long time and has been developed very carefully with great consideration to nature, to maintaining a low-key, luxurious lifestyle – but yet it offers so many options!

  • A day at the Polo: We have some important polo tournaments; it’s great fun to enjoy the pomp and ceremony that goes with this wonderful sport. It’s also really fun to try and play…personally, I’d rather stick to golf!
  • Golf and Beach: My favourite day, 18 magnificent holes then meet my family at a great restaurant or on the beach or at one of the beach clubs only 5 minutes drive from the course – fantastic!
  • A day trip to Gibraltar: It’s just down the road – many of my neighbours commute daily to the office there. My kids love to go and feed the monkeys!
  • A day trip to Africa: On a clear day, it feels as if you can reach out and touch Africa and it’s great to hop over there for lunch and shopping – a completely different culture right there across the Straits.
  • Discover the white villages: Jump in the car and go see the Andalucian interior. I have favourite restaurants and villages that I love to take visitors to. Within less than 30 minutes you can be in another world, quaint, full of history and tradition.
  • A really cool day is to take a dip in the Mediterranean before breakfast, helicopter up to Granada and have lunch at my family Cortijo in the mountains, then fly back to Sotogrande for a dinner party! That’s living all the best that Andalucia has to offer!
Summation of my Destination

A place in the Sun, to enjoy discreet luxury and create lifelong memories of funny moments with your family and friends.

What makes it so completely unique is that within a few hours drive you have THE most incredible diversity of pursuits; you can literally swim in the sea and enjoy the beach, play polo and take part in the glamour that surrounds it, drive 2 1/2 and hit the ski slopes. If you wanted to do all 3 in 1 day you could……..this is very special. Of course, I would recommend that you enjoy each a little bit longer……but stay in Sotogrande and I will organize all these activities for you. (Maybe some world-class golf too!) I don’t know anywhere else in Europe you have all these fantastic opportunities in one place.