Laura can best be described as a ray of sunshine. She is bright, effervescent and bubbling over with passion for her home, her people and her culture.

As I spent days with Laura reviewing her beautiful properties, I got to enjoy a kind woman who goes and chats at a million miles an hour. I asked her to share a little about her destination’s main attractions with TripWix.

What career path have you chosen?

I have been in the luxury real estate rental business for many years. I love to receive couples, families, people from other places and share with them all that I love about my home, my place. I want people to have the best times here.

What would you like to share about yourself and your destination?

As Spain is the 2nd most popular tourist destination in the world – with many, many visitors wanting to come and see all the wonders that we have on the Costa del Sol – I’m just happy to show them everything they want to experience: ancient sites like the natural gorge in Ronda, grand monuments like the Alhambra in Grenada, quaint pueblos like Mijas, Ubrique and many more, glittering, jet-set marinas like Puerto Banús, miles of golden beaches… the list goes on and on.

How do you enjoy your free time?

I love sport and reading. I love being with people but I also enjoy my time alone.

I like health and fitness. Eating fresh products daily and visiting local markets gives me great pleasure. I do a lot of voluntary work – I like helping people.

Share with us some special elements about your destination.

We have excellent gastronomy! We have restaurants and food markets which cook traditional dishes as well as dishes from all over Spain. But we also have every type of world cuisine.

I love our Spanish meal time; there is always plenty of time to sit, talk, laugh, catch up and enjoy the company of others.

What do you most want to share about your destination?

The pride of the Spanish people. I am so happy to share the way we are, our customs, our traditions. I love to show people how the real Spanish live – not just what you get when you go to a hotel – but the authenticity of our lives.

I am selfish, too, because I want to know all the customs, traditions and passions of my guests. I want to know how they live in their countries and what they love there.

What memories do you want your guests to take away with them?

I want my guests to remember the warmth of the Andalucía sun, the wonderful colours we have here, colours in the beach, the old towns in the hills, colours in the markets, the fabulous flamenco dresses… Costa del Sol is a very colourful, happy place – a place where vibrant memories are made.

I suggest my guests take home souvenirs – anything that makes them smile and think of how good their time here is. Food, wine, art, something silly or expensive – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s a happy memory.

What should your guests do while they are there?

Go to a flamenco show to understand our passionate culture. Eat the wonderful food of southern Spain, walk down the most popular streets.

How do you sum up your destination?

Of course, I think my destination is unique. It’s a perfect picture postcard of Spain – all in one area! If my guests only have the chance to visit one place in Spain, I hope they will come here as we have something of everything to offer everyone here.