Bienvenidos to our paradise!

“Punta Mita is our home 365. We are some of the very few people in the area who call it home year round. Consequently, we have our ears to the ground and fingers on the pulse of all the fun things to do here.”

“We came to Punta Mita from different parts of Europe – Lisa from England, Miguel from Portugal – and we both fell in love with the relaxed, beautiful lifestyle, the people, the food and Mexican culture.”

Miguel: “I have spent my life in the business of five-star hospitality worldwide.”

Lisa: “I have been a custom interior designer in Europe, USA and Mexico. Now, I curate properties for TRIPWIX.”

Our passions are almost identical

“Food, wine, travel, socializing, entertaining, horse riding, lazy days at the beach and design”

What we love about our area

“Rules here are a little more relaxed than other places in the world – our pace is a little slower. Spending time here is making time to look at the colours around you, soak up the scenery, ooh! and ah! over the sunsets… it’s more about the little things in life.

It doesn’t mean, however, that we have forfeited any luxury or sophistication – to the contrary! That’s what we love most – the super-high levels of homes, hotels, services, activities, parties and social life all coupled with a laid-back lifestyle. It’s quite an area of contrasts and anchoring it all we have the spectacular Four Seasons and St. Regis Hotels.”

Mexico makes us happy

“There is a party around every corner in this amazing country. No matter rich or poor, city or country – Mexicans really know how to enjoy themselves. We love that philosophy.”

We really want to share with our TRIPWIX guests
  • “Some of our local chefs and great restaurants, some that can only be reached by boat.”
  • “Our amazing beach and jungle horseback rides.”
  • “Our best tequila tasting tips!”
When is the best time to go?

“This is a frequently asked question and our answer is …anytime! We have amazingly temperate winters perfect for beach days and dining under the stars at night. With the crazy world climate change, we have experienced amazing breezy summer days with fantastic temperatures, too. Friends from Europe come here in the summer and love the climate.”