Hello, I’m Patricia!

“I grew up in an enormous family surrounded by love and generosity. My grandmother is my eternal inspiration and she was the most brilliant ambassador for Portugal. She constantly had to manage 11 children, 49 grandchildren, friends and guests – and always with a smile on her face! She managed beautiful houses in Lisbon, Azeitão, Comporta and Cascais and I was blessed to be part of it.”

“I currently live in Lisbon, but have lived in London, Madrid, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro where I learned to professionally manage my grandmother’s inheritance: managing events and people. I’ve worked as Country Manager for Boda Click, one of the largest companies in Europe for weddings.”

I’m passionate about – Life!

“As I have been an actress for 10 years, I can’t live without theatre, cinema, music or a good book for inspiration. My family and friends are always around in Azeitão and Comporta where we enjoy horse riding or just walking around the beautiful rice fields in Comporta or the vineyards in Azeitão.”

When in Portugal, I recommend

“Lisbon is an incredibly vibrant and cultural city with a big musical and art scene.”

“Outside the cities, we are showered with possibilities for activities. From horse riding on the endless beach of Comporta, to enjoying a good wine in a vineyard or a hip restaurant.”

Portugal for me…

“…is a rough diamond. Unspoilt and still virgin when compared to Ibiza, St. Tropez or Sardinia.”

“We are blessed with eternal sunshine, surrounded by sea, virgin beaches, local gastronomy and the warmth of the Portuguese people who make this an obvious choice for anyone to visit and return year after year. The choices between country life, beach and surf holidays, marvelous golf courses, rich cultural heritage and an innovative art scene are just a few of the reasons why Portugal is voted year after year as one of the top destinations for discerning travelers.”

I really want my TRIPWIX guests to get to know
  • “The incredible history here and how the Portuguese have played such an important role in the mapping of the world as we know it today.”
  • “The unique sense of security and genuine kindness of its people.”
  • “The food (seriously, we don’t diet here).”
  • “The cultural heritage and the dynamic position Portugal is taking as a serious contender in the world’s art, architectural, cinematic and musical scene.”
  • “The breathtaking scenery – ranging from wild country-side fields, immaculate gardens and palaces to the wild force of the Atlantic Ocean…”
  • “…and once we have done all that, and the sun bids us goodnight… the Portuguese seem to wake up to dance till dawn!”
When in Lisbon, I say… GO SHOPPING!

“The choice of things to buy is endless: from the gastronomic marvels of our tinned goods to olive oil and wine and rather unique cheeses to pottery and fabrics, laces and trims. We are a country full of marvelous artisans who do some outstanding work with straw, cork and other natural materials.”