Viviana Dean is a long-time resident of Careyes. When she arrived for a short visit, she was smitten with the area and its natural wonders, unique architecture and the hospitality of its people. Let her tell you why you should add a visit to Careyes to your bucket list.

What would you like to share about yourself and your destination?

“I arrived in Careyes in 1990 and fell in love with this coast. For over 18 years, I had the privilege of working with Gian Franco Brignone – the founder of Careyes – helping to build, decorate and manage luxury villas as well as hosting an international crowd. Later, I was invited to manage beautiful hotels like Las Alamandas and the Hacienda de San Antonio.”

“I have lived in Careyes for over 28 years. I live here year-round with my husband and animals. I love my life here and my work. It’s hard to call it work because I enjoy it so much!”

There is so much talent here! It was here in Careyes that the new “Arquitectura del Pacifico Mexicano” was born – the large thatched roofs known as “palapas” which have graced many books and magazines.”

What are your passions?

“Mexico, its culture, food, architecture and design. I love nature, animals, gardening, permaculture, and the ocean. I am happiest being outdoors.”

“I like to practice yoga – I started the first yoga studio in Careyes 15 years ago and now we have two! I enjoy meditation and reading as well as dancing and good music. I have also done volunteer work for some of the projects of the Careyes Foundation – I love to support them.”

How do you enjoy your passions in your destination?

“Careyes offers everything I love! Beautiful architecture with Mexico’s vibrant colors. An international group of residents – all wonderful, eccentric and loving. This is a very special community in a very special part of the world and I love introducing new guests to it.”

“My favorite thing is hiring a boat and going to the islands and beaches north of Careyes. We have many beaches here and in the neighboring pueblos where you can practice paddle board or go surfing, snorkeling, fishing or diving. Or you can simply go out on a boat to one of the nearby islands and have a picnic.”

Share with us some special elements about your destination.

“Careyes is part of an ecological reserve, so natural beauty is everywhere. You can go for long walks and hikes or go horseback riding in the jungle and secluded beaches.”

What memories do you want your guests to take away with them?

“How Careyes – and its natural beauty – made you reconnect with yourself. Also meeting wonderful new people and how much you felt at home here.”

What should your guests do while they are there?

“Definitely, visit the Copa del Sol – a monumental land sculpture that sits on a cliff. It was created specifically to see the sunset or to go at night and see the stars.”

What souvenirs can your guests buy in your destination?

“This area is all about memories, but I would highly suggest guests buy a beautiful handmade “jorongo” or poncho that represents your animal in the Chinese Astrology. Here in Careyes, we celebrate it every year by getting a new poncho. I also love the natural coconut and tamarind candies they make in the area.”

How do you sum up your destination?

“The Magic of Careyes – the other Mexico.” Let me show you a new side of Mexico – and its people – that is still untouched.”