Alma Lusa Baixa/Chiado

“Ideal Location for all that Lovely Lisbon Offers!” - Reviewed by Lisa

Ah! The joys of a true boutique hotel! Alma Lusa Baixa/Chiado in Lisbon fits this bill to a tee. In this cozy, but unique, hotel, each room has its own identity as well as a healthy respect for the history of the building in which it finds itself.

Alma Lusa Baixa/Chiado is the ideal base for exploring Portugal’s charming capital city. Located close to the river, close to the shops, near the best restaurants – it has all the joys of Lisbon right on the doorstep.

Housed in an 18th-century building whose foundations date back to the 15th century, the hotel has led many previous lives – and remnants of some of these can still be seen. The romanticism of its varied past is anchored superbly to the present with luxurious trimmings you’d expect to find in a carefully-crafted center of modern-day hospitality. From the bedding to the restaurant, Alma Lusa Hotel represents the best of Portugal, reflecting tradition with a 21st-century twist.


Delfina Restaurant, located on the ground floor, is the hub of the hotel. It offers street-level dining and a fun vibe that spills over to the reception area. A casual breakfast buffet laden with Portuguese staples segues into a hotspot for local business types to meet for a bistro-style lunch.

Afternoon tea (which was first introduced to the world by the Portuguese) or locally-roasted coffee is served alongside great local wines throughout the day – keeping the buzz flowing from all-day diners and hotel guests alike.

Portuguese comfort food (bread stews, rice dishes, the inevitable bacalhau) somehow gets dressed up for the evening meal where the energy recreates itself into a dynamic local hotspot.