Casa do Rio

"Eight Environmentally-friendly Suites Suspended Between Lush Vineyards and the Golden River." - Reviewed by Lisa

$317 - $543 / night


This remarkably enviro-chic, single-block bungalow housing eight super-cool suites is suspended above the vineyards, giving it unprecedented views over the calm and tranquil waters of the Lower Douro River – a leisurely few minutes stroll below. Engulfed in nature, you will be surprised at the remarkable level of sophistication and attention to detail that has gone into making each of the suites uber-comfy and cosseting.  At this annex to the Quinta do Vallado vineyards – one can only feel that the old worlds of wine and hospitality have fused in perfect harmony with nature and the 21st century.

Luxe lounging and dining takes place in the central living room and patio. One yearns to snuggle against the chilly evenings around the dramatic indoor fire feature, yet enjoying the mellow evening light in the open air is just as appealing.

Eco is the theme here. Throughout the property, you’ll find many quiet locations next to water pools and in the vineyards where your senses will be filled with aromas of wildflowers, herbs and vistas of lush plant and bird life – not to mention the magnificent Douro River.