Vidago Palace Hotel

“A Masterpiece of Elegant Living.” - Reviewed by Lisa

$166 - $707 / night

TRIPWIX Special Feature: Thirty-room private palace available for larger groups. Contact us for more information.

Some properties around the world are shrouded with an air of well-being, prosperity and comfort. The sort of retreats where life is always good, happiness and calm transcend and one is imbued with a greater sense of self and good humor.

Although a palace and obviously regal in line and architecture, the Vidago Palace immediately softens the senses on arrival and calms the heartbeat. This is a good place where divine details interact with impeccable, friendly staff and life goes on with an upbeat air of nostalgia.

Sleep late, dress for dinner, sip on elegant cocktails, stroll through the acres of magnificent gardens and woodlands… relaxation is definitely the order of the stay.

However, if day trips, golf games and tours to the magnificent Douro wine region are on your agenda – coming home to Vidago will be even sweeter after hours away in the real world.


The idea of vacations and getaways is generally to experience situations which we would not ordinarily know in our daily lives. The ability to indulge or become acquainted with uncommon places and unique situations is what memories are made of. The Grand Ballroom at Vidago is no exception.

The Grand Ballroom at Vidago is no exception. Grand of scale, sumptuous by nature, one is transported back to a bygone era – but expertly executed with a no-expense-spared, modern-day twist. Experience true elegance with casual, modern-day elements.

To dine on classic northern Portuguese delights in such formidable surroundings is indeed one memory which will return to bring a smile for years after.

The Winter Gardens Restaurant, too, has no detail nor flavor left wanting. With its elegant potted plants – a nod to the 1920’s Art Deco era – and today’s high design coupled with modern gastronomy, this is an elegant venue to indulge in.

Recently filmed on location at Vidago Palace, the period-themed series brings an inside look at the loves, lives and dramas of Palace residents in its heyday.