Travel... the way it should be! Our local Ambassadors guarantee it.

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At TripWix, a fabulous property is just the starting point.

Our local Ambassadors will guarantee the experience of a lifetime.

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We comb our destinations looking for the most impeccable rental homes in each category.​

We approve, on average, one out of every four properties we see.

All our homes and hotels have been personally inspected by our in-house curators

A pre-selection process is performed by our local ambassador.

Each property is inspected and experienced by our property curators who are trained, detail by detail, in our interior design and comfort standards.

An inspection form is completed and available for our guests to read.

Continual checks are performed by our local ambassadors to ensure TRIPWIX standards are constantly maintained.

Our local ambassadors are the cool kids in town - TRIPWIX ambassadors will guarantee your experience!

Our local ambassadors and their support staff initiate relationships long before guests set foot in the homes.

Working with our guests’ personalized preferences in mind, our movers and shakers will be there to guarantee one-of-a-kind experiences and provide access to activities only a lucky few will be granted.

TRIPWIX ambassadors will guarantee your experience!

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