Destination Mexico – "Intoxicating Tequila Tours" - Reviewed by Lisa

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Tequila, the drink, is known the world over as “party in a bottle”, but it actually hails from somewhere, somewhere with the same name.

How fun it is to visit Tequila the town! The essence of the beverage had to get its vitality from somewhere and the surrounding rolling fields of blue agave plants are the life source of the product.

As with wine demarcations, this fun firewater can only legally take its name if it is manufactured in the town of Tequila.

If you are familiar with the taste of Tequila, maybe your taste buds and mind would have already conjured up the image of where it’s created – bustle, life, music, history, heat, sweet and musky aromas and sunshine all add up to the sum of the place and the libation.

Tequila is situated in the state of Jalisco, in Central-Pacific Mexico. The town was first settled in 1656 and named after its early residents, a local Indian tribe. Modern-day residents are prone to fun, Mariachi music, general good humour and great pride in their special product.

Visits to Tequila distilleries abound; to understand the nuances between the Blancos, the Reposados and the Anejos is interesting, educational and fun. Tastings take place from morning to night, usually accompanied by the strains of Mariachi music.

The Tequila of today is bustling, thriving and alive – but the history of the past is etched on every street, in every bronze statue and all the traditional customs



  • Guided tours: Take a guided tour of a tequila distillery and learn about the tequila-making process.
  • Museums: Visit the National Museum of Tequila, the first museum in the world dedicated to this liquor.
  • Sightseeing: Tequila and the vast agave fields which surround it have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Tequila Route (Ruta de Tequila) includes attractions such as archaeological sites, old mansions, opal and obsidian mines and, of course, tequila haciendas/distilleries.
  • Festivals: The National Festival of Tequila is held every year from the end of November to the middle of December. There are charreada events, a parade, mariachis, fireworks and rides.