Guided Photo Safari

"Guided tours of the mountains, jungles and beaches." - Reviewed by Lisa

Mexico Puerto Vallarta Punta de Mita Area Sayulita Area
Get up close and personal with Punta Mita’s most elusive residents supported by a specialist guide on a fully personalised private Photo Safari. Biologist, conservationist and professional photographer, Petr Myska will join you for a unique nature photography excursion introducing you to the local natural wonders that only insiders will see. From humpback whales to green macaws to turtle hatchlings to crocodiles and more. Cameras at the ready for a once-in-a-lifetime Mexican safari.
Specialist – Biologist, conservationist and photographer, Petr Myska. BBC Radio correspondent.
Author of publications on Western Mexican fauna. Collaborator of CONABIO’s Image Bank Project. Cameraman, producer, and co-creator of documentaries on Mexican nature.
Duration – 1 to 7 days
Length of day – 4 to 12 hrs.
Group Size – 1 to 6 people
Activity Level – Tailored to the group
Photographic competence – Beginner to professional
Time of Year – November to May
Price – Upon request
Includes food and beverage (non-alcoholic), guide and all excursion transportation.