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Mexico Sayulita Area

If you’re into a genuine, toes-in-the-sand beach vacation, sunny Sayulita ticks all the boxes. This seaside surfing Mecca is renowned for its beaches and its consistent river-mouth surf break. This brief guide will introduce you to some of the most popular and lesser-known beaches in and around Sayulita.

Sayulita Beach

Sayulita Beach
Sayulita Beach for Superb Surfing

One of the biggest draws to the Sayulita scene is its main beach. Sayulita Beach is a super-long stretch of golden sand that is teeming with life. This is the place where surfers flock, stand-up paddle boarders head for, babes in itsy-bitsy bikinis sunbathe, Mexican families set up their tents, tourists stop by to watch the show and beach vendors make their daily wage.

Here you’ll find a lively, colorful, crazy scene, at times awhirl with the music of wandering bands, but always loads of fun—especially when the waves get big and the town crew of renowned surfers paddles out and demonstrates how it’s done.

One of the Best Surf Breaks in the Bay

One of the main attractions of this beach is its consistent surf break. The best time to catch the waves is from December to early April when the north swells hit. Although the waves aren’t as high in the summer months, they can still offer a short, yet exciting, ride.

Find a parking place in Centro Sayulita and head towards the ocean. There will be no shortage of interesting and amusing things to watch all day. Equally, you will not go hungry or thirsty with an endless supply of restaurant services and food vendors alike. This, like El Anclote beach in Punta de Mita, is a great place to learn to surf.

Los Muertos Beach

Los Muertos Beach Near Punta Sayulita
Los Muertos Beach Near Punta Sayulita

Named for the nearby cemetery, Playa de los Muertos is the best swimming beach in Sayulita. Its location is south of the main beach and just north of Punta Sayulita.

Protected by the peninsula to the south and rocky outcroppings to the south, this beach is one of the safest in the area. It’s the perfect destination for a leisurely swim or family outing. The beach is accessible by foot or by car. To get there, head south along the main beach and turn left past Villa Amor. Continue past the cemetery and the beach is to the right. Or rent one of our exclusive properties in Punta Sayulita and simply swim over or take your paddle board across this lovely little cove – it’s super close.

Carricitos Beach

Further south, on the other side of the peninsula, is Playa Carricitos, a beautiful, secluded beach less than an hour’s walk from downtown Sayulita. This unprotected beach faces the ocean so the environment tends to be wild and windy. Because of the high waves, this beach isn’t the best choice for families – but it’s perfect for body surfing. Carricitos Beach is a great destination for pro surfers who want to experience powerful waves.

Patzcuaro and Patzcuarito

These two beaches are some distance from Sayulita village. The beach is about a 10-minute drive or a half-hour walk from town on the road to Higuera Blanca. More adventurous types can try to reach it by climbing over the rocks from Playa Carricitos. The rustic beauty and privacy is well worth the effort.

Playa Escondida

This beach is situated on a hidden cove south of Sayulita. Fans of the Bachelor in Paradise series may know the beach and the resort of the same name as the romantic hideaway where episodes of the popular reality show were filmed.

North Sayulita Beach

Heading north across the river that runs past Sayulita’s main beach, you’ll find the long stretch of sand of North Sayulita Beach. This pristine beach is where sea turtles swim ashore to lay their eggs between the months of June and November. The waves are rougher here than on the main beach and beware of strong ocean currents. Take along your beach umbrella and spend a quiet day basking.

Beyond North Sayulita Beach, there are two gorgeous, deserted beaches accessible via an easy jungle trail.

Sayulita Beaches: Malpasos Beach
Malpasos Beach North of Sayulita

Playa las Cuevas

The Beach of the Caves is a 50-meter-long stretch of white sand with beautiful, rugged rock formations. This magical hideaway is perfect for a day trip or picnic. At low tide, you can make your way easily to the next beach, Playa Malpasos.

Playa Malpasos

This long stretch of beach is located just south of President’s Point, the rocky outcropping that separates it from the beach in San Pancho. This oft-deserted beach offers beautiful white sand and privacy. You won’t find any restaurants or beach vendors here, so make sure you bring plenty of food and water. The beach faces the open ocean, so beware of strong undertows. Swimming is not recommended. But, this beach is a lovely spot to hike and bask in the sun. If you’re looking for a place to get away from the crowds – this is it.

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