“I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to my world. I am Maria and I live in a very beautiful, unspoilt area of central Portugal. Not many people know it yet, but it has been my home for many years. I think you will really enjoy all the uniqueness I can show you: villages, mountains, rivers, vineyards, outdoor activities, golf… we have lots to do and see here.”

My passions are

“Food, wine, everything to do with the kitchen and event planning.”

“I have worked in the catering industry all my life. I am a lover of wine and gastronomy. I am passionate for dishes and wines from my local area and I am looking forward to sharing them. I studied event planning and computer science. I am very organized and love making special events for others.”

What I love most about my area

“We who live here get to experience remarkably good-quality ingredients, specialty breads, wines and desserts any time we want. But, we do not take them for granted – we know we are lucky. And I want to share this luck!”

“It is a fact that this region is known for the famous Queijo da Serra CHEESE, with unique requirements and its very own flavors, and the Dão wine, known worldwide for its singularity of local grape varieties.”

I want my TRIPWIX guests to enjoy
  • “A trip with history”
  • “A trip with sense”
I love my home

“I have spent the last few years presiding over the renovation of my home and I have agonized over the smallest detail. Now, I am proud of the work I have completed and want to share my heritage with visitors who are lucky enough to discover my amazing house and its surrounding area.”

“The stately manor Solar de Vilar has been in my family for many generations. It needed a lot of work, but my sister and I have been very consumed with the full renovation to get it back to pristine condition and ready to open its doors to you.”