Boho Chic Villa with Sweeping Views and Tropical Setting

Luxe Bed: 6   Bath: 7 Pax: 14  

Its lofty location gives you that sublime sensation of being closer to the meaning of life. - Reviewed by Deborah

Commanding a jungle-covered hilltop with 360-degree panoramic views, you can expect total privacy in this boho-chic luxury villa in Careyes. A true birds-eye-view retreat, you might feel like you are in a remote part of paradise when you are in fact just 5 minutes from Playa Rosa beach club or the Careyes village.

With ocean views at every turn, a cook on hand to prepare all your meals and snacks, and a large infinity pool that greets you like a smile, you know you have arrived at a very special place.

Most of your time will be spent in or by the pool and jacuzzi, basking on the sun loungers or taking shade beneath a parasol. The home’s imposing palapa is like the crown embracing your mealtimes and cocktail hours. From above, it’s as though the palapa symbolizes the sun while the pool mimics a crescent moon.

Last but not least, the fabulous yoga studio makes it particularly suitable for retreats of all kinds.