Casa Ordóñez

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Family Find $850 - $991 / night Bed: 5   Bath: 5 Pax: 10  

"An Elegant Family Cortijo in the Heart of the Countryside." - Reviewed by Lisa


If the history of Spain is of interest to you, the opportunity to stay at this simple home – packed full of remembrances, memorabilia, antiques and an aura of decades past – is an absolute must.

Steeped in history, this home was the birthplace of one of the darlings of Tauramaquina – Antonio Ordoñez. The home was originally owned by his father, Cayetano Ordóñez, who was also a famous bullfighter known as “Niño de la Palma”. But sadly, when times became lean, he had to let the estate go.

Antonio, devastated by the loss of his family home, eventually became successful enough to buy it back. He then restored the home to its former glory and swore it would stay in the Ordoñez family forever.

Today, the family has decided to open the villa’s noble doors to visitors who want to soak up the essence of where the brave and famed fighters spent their lives. Here, you’ll be entranced by excellently-preserved memorabilia and will get a glimpse at the memories made under this roof by such greats as Orson Welles (who lived across the road), Ernest Hemingway, Mario Vargas Llosa, Adrien Brody and many others.

Mention here has to go to the remarkable fact that Orson Welles was, in fact, so utterly enchanted and at home at Casa Ordóñez that his ashes were scattered in the garden well where a plaque saying, “Ronda, the teacher of teachers”, remains.

This is a home that evokes history and stirs the imagination.