Epitome of Southern Italian Chic for Unashamed Hedonism

Luxe $3,703 - $6,172 / night Bed: 6   Bath: 7 Pax: 16  

Silver service breakfast in my room and a gourmet picnic planned on a yacht already moored at the home’s secluded landing point. - Reviewed by Lisa

Stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, glorious, enchanting, glamorous… just a few of the adjectives I used to describe my stay here.

The stars were aligned when I met this clifftop property – I wanted somewhere in the centre of Sorrento, I wanted to hear the ocean through my open window at night. I was road weary and needed a nice long soak in a big tub, I wanted above all peace and quiet. Oh! and of course a couple of perfectly chilled glasses of something bubbly.

Life on the road of luxury property inspection is not always easy and sometimes we are disappointed and long to find the absolutely perfect home… well here it is!

The large expanse of entryway gardens sets the tone with a glorious mix of tropical, Mediterranean and classic European vegetation. Inside, the décor brings to mind an elegance and glamour once enjoyed by movie stars and the glitterati but now here to be relished again with a modern-day remodel. This luxury Sorrento villa is a treat by any standards