Palacio de Hueva

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Deluxe Retreat $1,828 - $2,078 / night Bed: 8   Bath: 8 Pax: 16  

"The Epitome of Spanish Countryside Elegance - Only 50 mins from the Heart of Madrid." - Reviewed by Lisa


LISA PERFECT PICK: “A getaway here with good friends, a good book, some local Spanish delicacies and I promise you’ll never want to leave.”

Like with any big city, what lies outside is often more compelling than what is within city limits. This is not to diminish the importance, elegance and fascination of this majestic capital city – but to truly understand Spain’s principal region, one must venture beyond the greater metropolitan area … and an adventure to Palacio de Hueva is truly worth the 50-minute drive.

The village of Hueva is teeny-tiny – with a lovely old church, a bakery and a lady who sells fresh eggs and very little else! If you were ever curious to know what authentic central Spanish life was really like, here is your chance to experience a delightful, off-the-beaten-track village whilst staying at its very own “Palacio”!

The day I reviewed the Palacio de Hueva was a day that was tailor-made for showcasing the home. The late October sun played perfectly off the ochre walls and the turning leaves represented every autumnal tone so tastefully displayed in the home’s interior.

A perfect example of classic early 19th-century Spanish country architecture, this three-story home has perfectly-proportioned, spacious rooms, ample fireplaces, high ceilings and super-comfortable places for enjoying the delights of the countryside.

A quick, 20-minute drive from the home are the Pueblos Alcadea – a string of historical, gastronomical and culturally perfect villages – which make a great day trip for experiencing what this area represents.

Palacio de Hueva is the ideal escape for a long weekend or a few quiet days mid-week. Wake up late and linger with breakfast in bed by a warm fire. Or, rise up early for a bracing hike or bike ride through the countryside and return “home” for a sumptuous breakfast buffet in the elegant country dining room -complete with wood-burning fireplace and gorgeous country views.

This is a house that feels like home – make it your home base to explore this interesting extension of Madrid that few get to experience.


Lift a cleverly-concealed trap door at the side of the house, descend a well-worn staircase and you’ll find yourself in the perfect spot for a cocktail or candlelight dinner. Running the length of the house is the family wine cellar – unfortunately empty these days except for some stunning old ceramic wine vats.
Nevertheless, it’s still the ideal place to host a memorable gathering.