Palácio de Santo Estevão

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Deluxe $5,590 - $5,590 / night Bed: 4   Bath: 3.5 Pax: 8  

Registry number: 12008/AL

"Fit for a king and steeped in tradition - Famed Palacio suited to the lovers of the finer things!” - Reviewed by Ticha


LISA PERFECT PICK – “I’ve been infatuated by the glossy Portuguese blue and white wall tiles since childhood – staying in the Palacio is akin to falling deeply in love! And then breakfast in the soft morning sunlight with views over the river and the sights and sounds of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood coming to life all around – unforgettable!”

Fit for a king and steeped in tradition, this regal home occupies one of the most prestigious corners of one of the most famous neighborhoods in Lisbon – the incredibly-appealing central Alfama. The location alone makes it ideal for today’s tourist, but the Palacio, with its fortress-thick walls and centuries of history, is, in its own right, quite a tourist attraction.

Dating back to the XVII Century, the Palacio was damaged by the great earthquake of 1755. Part of the building was destroyed but then lovingly-reconstructed keeping with the original XVII and XVIII-century styles.

TripWix offers an exclusive opportunity to stay at this most noble of gallant homes – a rare opportunity and delight for any history buff. Home to Portuguese nobility, Palácio de Santo Estevão was once the residence of the Grand Chancellor of the kingdom and later that of the Secretary of the House of Bragança. In 1847, it passed into the ownership of the esteemed Azevedo Coutinho family – who still delight in owning it today. They have been heaping oodles of love and care into it ever since – carefully retaining its soul but endowing it with modern comforts.

An invitation to stay in this magnificent property is not available to all – careful consideration is given to the selection of those who are fortunate enough to partake of its gracious hospitality.

Said to be the birthplace of Fado, the Alfama neighbourhood is reportedly Lisbon’s oldest and probably its most colourful. Home to St. Georges Castle, Portugal’s Medieval world revolved around this small barrio where the presence of the past can clearly be felt around every corner. In days gone by, the Alfama was notorious for its ghetto area and houses of ill repute. It’s a fascinating area to wander around, marvel at remnants of the past and allow your imagination run wild.

Today, though the barrio’s charismatic past is intertwined with tasteful boutiques and trendy restaurants, the true flavor of Alfama is still in evidence. And, right at the heart of it all, across the street from the Igreja (church), the remarkable Palácio de Santo Estevão. From its imposing hilltop location, you are presented with magnificent views over the Tagus River. You don’t need to leave the home to touch history, you are engulfed in it!

The initiation into this regal realm is unforgettable. The Palacio is faced with a magnificent, imposing stone staircase. At its feet stands a full-size mounted lion – the ultimate symbol of strength, courage and heroism. The walls are flanked with some of the most prized Portuguese tiles. The visitor cannot fail to be transported back to a different time and be completely awed by this display of might!

However, the first steps into the cheery, comfortable living rooms – with their overstuffed, happy sofas, magnificent views and light-filled spaces – brings us firmly and swiftly back to a very refined, 21st century home.