Palacio de Seteais

$34,542 - $34,542 / night Bed: 30   Bath: 30 Pax: 60  

"A palace fit for a special occasion, the epitome of Sintra elegance.” - Reviewed by Lisa

Play royalty for a day, or two…or as many as you’d like.

Palacio de Seteais may have been built for a princess, but you don’t have to be one to stay here. Not anymore.

Sintra is the home of the castle – delicious confections of spires, turrets, balustraded walkways, marble statues, magazine worthy gardens – one after another. Everywhere you turn another fairy-tale chateau – all dressed in pretty pastels or stunning reds and yellows – pokes its grandiose features out from behind a magnificent conifer or centuries-old rhododendron bush.

Sintra is the land of romance and what better way than to fully experience the “Sintra effect” than to rent your own palace. And not just any palace – but an incredibly comfortable, restored-to-museum-quality palace with sumptuous beds, elegant dining and gorgeous grounds in which to lose yourself.

When you take over Palacio de Seteais, you can design your own custom-made programme – and Tripwix can help. Fancy a champagne cocktail party under glittering chandeliers, sumptuous picnics in the park, a dinner dance in the magnificent dining room or maybe a masquerade party in the maize – complete with a jazz band. Let your regal imagination run wild, indulge yourself and truly live like a king.


Fine dining is at its prettiest with frescoed walls and ceilings. Aubosson carpets reflect the same wall and ceiling tones – subtle, clear and delicate. Crystal wall sconces and silk drapes add to the elegance. Soothing piano music completes the experience.

For dinner, ample portions of International and Portuguese dishes are served elegantly in an Olde World manner by old-school uniformed waiters. Meals are accompanied with choice vintages from a wide selection of savoury international wines.

Breakfasts are hearty and made with mostly local ingredients.

The bar/ terrace is the ideal place to enjoy lunch or a snack, sip a glass of local wine or take afternoon tea.

The tea ceremony is heralded here at Palacio de Seteais – and with a wonderful selection of the finest TWG loose teas and lots of yummy cakes, pastries and tea biscuits, it’s hard not to indulge in this elegant pastime.