Rio do Prado

Rustic Luxe $207 - $291 / night Bed: 1 - 18   Bath: 18 Pax: 2 - 36  

"Experience Eco-suite Bliss in the Pastoral Setting of this Cozy Hotel which can also be Booked as a Private Home or Party Place!" - Reviewed by Lisa

Driving deep into the heart of the winding country lanes, yet knowing that somehow you are still close to the ocean, it’s almost possible to completely overlook the contemporary chic of Rio do Prado. It is so well assimilated into its surroundings that it would be easy to keep on cruising by this experiential eco-chic hotel – and what a shame that would be! Just the warm hospitality and efficiency of the owners makes the journey well worth the while. Take this opportunity to disconnect from the real world and surround yourself with countryside peace and tranquility.

Forsaking urban pleasures and embracing sustainability does not mean missing out on any creature comforts or little luxuries… far from it! The property is designed for relaxation and pampering – just on a more pure level.

Whether you book Rio do Prado for your whole family or choose a room for a weekend you will delight in the natural joys of the kitchen, the holistic spa, the communal gardens with ponds, birds and local wildlife… basically, the best that nature has on offer.