Positano Area

It feels almost familiar before you arrive, who hasn’t seen photo after glorious photo of the hillside towns of the Amalfi Coast decked out in pastel shades worthy of any Easter parade apparently tumbling down forever-green mountainsides that kiss the bluest waters of the Mediterranean Sea?

The photos do not lie – the entire coastline is glorious, magnificent and utterly worthy of so many images. It is a must-see, a bucket list item for any traveller, the place of romance, honeymoons, smiles that last forever, fragrant dreams and memories that will never fade.

It is truly mesmerizing and fascinating – how is it possible to squeeze so much life, so many pretty homes and shops alongside so much useful agriculture? Postage stamp-size parcels of land jostle with tiny orange groves which fight for space with bandage-sized lots of lettuce and tomato plants – all on a vertical cliff side. The colours and the diversity make it so rich and fascinating.

As if all this splendiferous scenery is not enough, it is all offset against a shimmering backdrop of a multitude of magnificent Mediterranean blues. The sea glittering away – even on the cloudiest day – bobbing with pleasure craft or working fishing boats.

It’s like the most beautiful living jigsaw puzzle. A natural celebration of ingenious Italian engineering, a land crammed with so many patios, terraces, allotments and tiny parcels of incredibly valuable real estate, landscapes dotted with potted plants, chaises, olive trees, vines and even disco dance floors – all within 150 m of the sea!

The coast road winds from small town to small town, each endowed with history, memorable churches and its own characteristic charm. The road is undeniably quite treacherous with hairpin bends that Italian bus drivers and motorcyclists alike seem to believe belong to them alone. Driving is not for those who scare easily! We suggest the backseat comfort of a chauffeur-driven car – it’s so much easier and safer. Have the pro take the strain and stop for photo ops at every new turn in the road.

Each town offers a different take on a similar theme, some with ancient churches worthy of a special pilgrimage, some perched higher up the cliff face than others -all special in their own way.


  • Central Italy
  • About 1-1/2 to 3 hrs to Naples International Airport
  • About 70 minutes by car to Pompeii
  • About 80 minutes by car to Naples
  • About 60 minutes by car to Sorrento
  • About 60 minutes by car to Salerno


  • Sightseeing – With so much to see and do in this beautiful area, please allow time to dedicate to the Italian art of people watching and enjoying the lovely landscapes and refreshing sea. Absorbing the local culture, customs and surroundings is a joy in itself.
  • Day Trips – There’s so much to see and do in the surrounding area. Here’s a list of our Top Picks for Sights to See in the Sorrento/ Amalfi Coast area.
  • Boat Trips – No trip to this part of the world is complete without at least one day viewing the coast from the sea. Enjoy the magnificent facades of the cliff top villas, the patchwork of lemon groves, small swathes of vineyards and splashes of vibrant bougainvillaea whilst enjoying the sea breeze. With its stunning grottos and pretty marinas, a day on the Mediterranean will be one you’re sure to remember. We can book a private motor yacht complete with lunch and wine on board or suggest a local tour.
  • Gastronomy – Expect to eat salads straight from those tiny postage-sized lots. Fresh seafood is prevalent with flavours that may be more intense than what you may be used to. Each village and town offers a myriad of choices to suit all pockets.
  • Wine – The steeply-terraced vineyards of the Amalfi Coast, between Positano and Vietri, produce surprisingly good wines. Some grape varieties are only found in this area.
  • Visit Capri – Capri’s breathtaking landscapes and rocky caves as well as its glamorous hotels, chic boutiques and upscale dining, all contribute to making the island it into a destination you won’t want to miss. Take a day trip and revel in this lovely Italian jewel.
  • Shopping – Ceramics are a long-standing tradition in the area – especially in Vietri known for its vibrant plates, jugs, urns and even table tops which can be found on colourful display in storefront after storefront.
  • Beaches – The Amalfi Coast offers a number of pebbly coves and sandy crescents in addition to man-made docks/jetties and cliff fronts that have been etched out to create sunbathing platforms with ladders leading to the clear waters.