Costa Careyes

"Wild and Exuberant… the Beaches of Careyes will Captivate your Senses!" - Reviewed by Lisa

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Where is Costa Careyes?

Costa Careyes is located on the southern coast of the State of Jalisco, about a 1-hour drive north of Manzanillo and 2 hours south of Puerto Vallarta.

What is Costa Careyes?

It’s a hidden gem of an enclave of about 70 very large, multi-million dollar homes – each shrouded in privacy – plus a colorful beachside village of casitas and townhomes.

The surrounding landscape is comprised of a series of beautiful bays with islands and rocky outcroppings nestled in a pristine, jungle nature reserve.

Careyes is a special place known by only a few very discerning A-list celebrities, musicians and travellers who seek out the exceptional and the undiscovered.

The Beaches

Oh, the beaches! The pristine beaches – most of them completely wild – are places where one can walk for miles and miles without meeting a soul. Wild and exuberant – the beaches here reflect the power of nature. They will captivate your senses and imprint the moment in your memory forever.

Natural Surroundings

Nature is ever-present in Careyes – but don’t expect it to be manicured except in the incredible gardens of each home. Walk along the endless beaches, hike the infinite trails and feast your eyes on the multitude of birds and other harmless creatures that may visit you along the way. Dive in the ocean’s virgin waters or take a boat trip and fish the giant tunas that inhabit these seas.

Sea turtles are protected here and opportunities abound to help with the release of baby hatchlings and learn more about local nature conservation projects.

The Homes

Enjoy the superbly-appointed and impeccably-serviced homes with their full-time staff and outstanding local cooks! Few destinations offer such a diverse, tasteful blend of architectural works of art as these original, risqué masterpieces.

From 4-bedroom, impeccable villas to sprawling, hidden estates in prime locations, each has its unique ambiance, décor and vibe – all with ample privacy for their salubrious clientele.

Careyes Social Life

Careyes has been a hotspot on the Mexican vacation map since 1968. Today, it’s a glamourous destination for the international jet-set and glitterati. Careyes offers a variety of first-class accommodations and a reputation for its exuberant house parties.

Owners and guests enjoy beaches, boat rides and magnificent private pools by day and fun dinner and house parties by night. It doesn’t take long to fit into the social scene here with party invitations flying.

Rub shoulders and raise glasses with cosmopolitan business moguls, well-known celebrities, A-listers and style makers.

Things heat up socially here from November to May with an animated social scene. But don’t let yourself be awed by the slew of international jet set. Although glamorous, Careyes is a place that is very laid back. People greet one another in a friendly, relaxed manner – no tags, stereotypes or social stratification here! It’s all about enjoying life in a deliciously bohemian and natural way.


The community includes an established Polo Club and a town center with an art gallery, shops and restaurants.


  • On the Pacific Coast of Mexico
  • 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta
  • 1 hour from Manzanillo


  • Water sports: Surfing, SUP, diving, spear fishing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, kayaking and sailing.
  • Polo: Watch a polo match or learn to play on the perfectly-manicured polo fields of the Careyes Polo Club. 60 ponies are available, as are stick and ball lessons – so take advantage and learn the sport of kings.
  • Golf: Tee off at El Tamarindo, a beautiful golf course situated within a 2000-acre natural reserve. Located 20 minutes south of Careyes, it offers great golf and stunning vistas of the Pacific.
  • Beach: There are 2 main swimming beaches with the blue-green waters of Playa Rosa deserving a special mention. There are dozens of beaches and sheltered bays a short boat ride away. Several long, pristine golden sand beaches can be reached over a network of nature trails.
  • Horseback Riding: The Careyes Polo Club offers riding lessons, horseback riding and other equestrian activities.
  • Human Connections: The community is home to the Careyes Foundation, an institution devoted to improving the well-being of local communities through educational, sports, ecological and art programs.