From Fendis to Ferraris in Istanbul

If you ever find yourself with a free day for shopping in Istanbul, Turkey, do not tell your friends. Anybody who has ever visited this fascinating city knows that not only is it crammed packed full of culture, but it’s also overflowing with shopping opportunities at every level.

I had been to Istanbul before and had indulged in some custom-made jewelry so I thought I’d pop back to the same shop and see what they had to offer this time… or so, that was my plan.

Bags in Istanbul
A girl can never have too many bags!

From Fendis to Ferraris in Istanbul

Before my trip to Turkey, I had made the mistake of mentioning my plans to several friends as we were out for dinner. OMG! Can you get me this bag, that bag, this bauble, that watch…? Even the guys started to listen in to their wives’ shopping orders, and one husband looked up quite casually and asked, “Would you mind checking on the Ferrari situation whilst you’re there?”


The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. I wouldn’t have to schlepp the girls’ goodies around with me, they could all be transported back to the UK in the Ferrari! Ideal solution for all.

Plans of Mice and Men…

So, on an incredibly miserable March day, I set off in a taxi for the Istanbul Ferrari – Maserati dealership. The hotel cars were already booked so I jumped into the stinkiest old taxi with a consumptive driver and a bad breaking system. The irony of my mode of transport was not lost on me – considering my destination!

Ferraris in Istanbul
Ready to test drive Ferraris in Istanbul … well… almost!

I blew in, donning old rain boots and a damp winter coat, hardly looking like the luxey customer I was. Maybe that was what disarmed the genuinely nice sales guy into offering me a very good price. Of course, there were several cups of tea involved, some mild bartering and a final deal struck.

I called my friend with the good news. “Fabulous,” he said, “I’ll take it from here… and don’t even think about filling it with shopping!” So much for mutual reciprocation. At least I hope to ride in it when it reaches its final destination!

All’s Well that End’s Well

The girls, on the other hand, had thought the whole situation through very well and had even purchased a large suitcase for me to haul away their goodies! So much for my jewelry shopping. My day got swallowed up with fast cars and expensive bags. Though, I have to say there are worse things in life than hunting for Ferraris in Istanbul.

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Lisa Bruno

Lisa Bruno is an English ex-pat living in Punta Mita, Mexico.

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