Hello, I am Elena!

“I grew up in a big family surrounded by love and generosity. My grandparents were a good example of wonderful people – they taught us to appreciate and enjoy everything we had. They both loved the countryside, the horses, sherry wine, bullfighting… but what they loved most of all was the great family they created. They had 11 children and more than 40 grandchildren – a big family of Arabian horse breeders, winery entrepreneurs, bullfighters on horseback, designers, and sculptors. The Domecq family has become one of the most brilliant ambassadors of Jerez throughout the world.”

“I now live in Carmona, a small Roman town about 20 minutes from Seville, but have also lived in Madrid and in London. Although I studied Economics, most of my career has been dedicated to organizing events. I worked as an Event Planner in Madrid and in Seville and have organized incentive trips for VIP clients around the world.”

I’m passionate about – my family and my roots!

“I love being with my family: my parents Perico and Cristina – a pure Jerezano and a beautiful and charming lady from Canarias – my three siblings, my husband Bosco and my three little kids – Jimena, Bosco and Maria. My family and friends are always close by: in Jerez, Puerto de Santa Maria, Sierra de Cadiz, Seville or Beja in Portugal where we enjoy hunting, horse riding or just walking around the beautiful fields. We all love the countryside, nature, and different sports like horse riding, golf or tennis. We all have small children and we enjoy sharing our hobbies with them.”

When in Jerez, I recommend

Jerez is known worldwide as the city of flamenco, sherry, horses and motorcycles. Jerez has spectacular golf courses and is only a 20-minute drive from some of the best beaches in southern Spain.

Jerez is a city of wine. Nothing more and nothing less than 3000 years of wine history – the oldest in Spain. Visiting Jerez and not visiting one of its many wineries is something that you cannot afford to miss!

Attend a flamenco show – Jerez is considered one of the cradles of flamenco in Spain and Andalusia. We have great dancers and world-renowned Spanish guitarists.

One night at the Royal School of Equestrian Art of one day in “la campo abierto” (the countryside), let me introduce you one of my family’s beautiful homes where we can ride horses and watch private purebred performances.  Or, pay a visit to the Terrestrella brave bulls and the famous, pure Spanish racehorses at an Andalusian farm.

Choices between country life, beach and surf holiday, wonderful golf courses and rich cultural and gastronomic heritage make my home a unique and unrepeatable place.