Great meeting you! I am Francisco!

“I have spent the last 25 years working as an executive in the financial industry. Currently, I have changed my daily efforts to launch this vacation rental company – TRIPWIX – whose objective is to provide authentic experiences in selected locations to seasoned travellers. Now my business is about sharing the things I love most with others. How great is that!”

What are your passions?

“I love sports and nature, including rugby, SUP and mountain biking. Hunting and bullfighting are among my passions.”

What do you enjoy most about the Peniche area?

“Having beachfront environment-protected areas is a privilege! I love an early morning jog along the cliffs and an afternoon mountain bike trail that ends with a refreshing swim on a deserted small beach. It is only you, nature and the never-ending blue ocean! SUP in a hidden bay while enjoying the view of the ocean and cliffs is just awesome.”

Tell us about your destination.

“Peniche-Nazaré is a destination mainly driven by nature: surf! It’s a peninsula with surf breaks all around – you can surf in almost all wind and ocean conditions!”

What makes your destination so special to you?

“It combines touristic spots side-by-side with an almost intact natural environment. It is also one of the best seafood spots in the world! Did I mention another passion for me is eating and drinking? Locals live mainly from agriculture and fishing, which brings a lot of authenticity to the place.”

“When you need some rest from all the sports action you can enjoy a visit to the stunning walled village of Óbidos or follow the lovely wine route to the nearby local producers.”

What do you want to share with your guests?

“Living an authentic experience! Enjoy what Nature and history offers you.”

What memories do you think TRIPWIX guests will take away with them?

“Friendly people, awesome seafood, great surf breaks and rich history. I will be successful if guests feel part of local community.”

What goodies will TRIPWIX guests take away with them from Peniche area?

“Surf gear, Peniche fine lace, canned seafood, wine, famous Caldas pottery.”

As a “Must Do” – what do you recommend most?

“Visit the Berlengas Islands, a UNESCO heritage area. Visit Óbidos to explore the beautiful village and castle.”

Your travel advice?

“Enjoy what nature offers you while getting immersed both in local culture and history.”