On a recent sunny January day, Mary invited me to meet her at home for a cup of tea and a chat. She wanted to know more about becoming a TripWix Ambassador. We had been “recommended” to each other by a mutual family friend and I was curious to see if she really was as charming and vivacious as my friend had said.

After several cups of tea, a good long chat, a visit with the family and various friends who popped in, I was totally delighted to have met such an engaging and genuinely warm person. More than charming – she is positivity itself and definitely has an Irish twinkle in her eye!

I asked her a few questions

What would you say your profession is?

“Real Estate Consultant. I say ‘consultant’ because I listen to what people really want and I help them to find the solution. Sometimes it’s not finding a house to buy, it’s connecting them to the right medical facility… who knows? I like connecting people and making things happen.”

“I have lived in this area for 30 years and I’ve seen a lot of changes. It’s all about connecting good people to good things.”

My next question was “When you’re not busy”… but clearly, there is never a time when Mary is not busy! If the doorbell isn’t ringing, the phone is. Somebody is always calling for something. Mary is like a magnet and appears to have time to listen and laugh with everybody.

What are your hobbies?

“Cooking – I love to cook! I made this marvelous leg of lamb at the weekend… oh! It was excellent!”

“I also like walking and art, actually I love to paint. I love to paint chickens and geese. I like to use acrylic and I incorporate twigs and feathers and objects I find in the country. Then, I like to frame them in huge, oversize frames in bright, dramatic colours. Birds are interesting – they talk to me…they’re marvelous. It’s a great way to calm down.”

“We have a house in the country and I love to go there and paint – not that I get much time!”

And when you’re at home in El Rosario – how do you indulge in your hobbies?

“I like to go to any art exhibition anywhere. There are a couple of art galleries locally that have unusual international art events, plus there are some excellent galleries very close by.”

“I also love classical music. We are very lucky here as there are concerts at Starlight or Puente Romano and I have seen all number of wonderful world-class artists.”

Tell me what you like about your destination in particular?

“Well, I love creating things – I like construction. I love the construction stage – it’s tremendously satisfying. I love interiors and ideas. So, I’m very happy that the Costa del Sol is now booming again as there are so many fantastic new properties being built with so many new ideas coming to us. We live in a truly international area.”

Why would you recommend people come here for a holiday?

“First the weather – you wake up to gorgeous days nearly all year round. Then, the stunning sunsets – the beauty of the sunsets takes your breath away. I love to see the colours and the clarity, especially in the winter months, out, over to Africa… absolutely stunning!”

“It’s also a very relaxed lifestyle – everywhere is very close, everything you need is within a 10-15 minute drive.”

“I love walking the beach every day….well, maybe now just at the weekends, but it’s just down the road!”

“Restaurants, too, are wonderful – the diversity of types of restaurants is amazing. People are very friendly, it’s a very easy place to be.”

What do your guests say about the area?

“Well, they rave about the wonderful sunshine – that goes without saying! Look at it now – middle of January and we have all the doors and windows open and the sun flooding in!”

“You can find every single amenity you want around you. They love that you can find foods from every country, exquisite wines, that everywhere you turn you have sea views. They can’t wait to come back for the life of long lunches, being able to sit outside on the beach, relaxing in the company of family and good friends enjoying the weather.”

“That there are so many things to see and do right on the doorstep; sightseeing, golfing, shopping, touring, spa days… everything and anything you want. They love that you are spoilt for choices here!”

How would you sum up your destination?

There are people here from all over the world! It’s extremely cosmopolitan and everybody enjoys the wonderful, relaxed, Spanish way of life.