‘O Sole Mio! Italy Coming Soon!

Tripwix faithfuls, culture buffs and wine connoisseurs will be pleased that Lisa and I have news from bella Italia. We spent almost a month inspecting beautiful homes in Italy. We are now pleased to announce Italy coming soon … and that’s just the beginning!

Bel Paese

A country bursting with colourful destinations to be discovered, Italy is certainly one of my personal favourites. This will be my fourth trip to Italy. My first encounter came at the age of 19 on a break from University. Cash-poor students with a passion for travelling, my best friend, Katie, and I camped for a month. We hopped on and off trains with a Eurorail ticket and lived off pizza slices, gelato and supermarket wine. Two decades later, I was hopping in and out of a rental car, inspecting luxury villas and sampling wines from the personal collections of the owners I met. It’s true what they say, some things certainly get better with age.


No rest for the wicked

Contrary to how I had envisioned my first Tripwix reconnaissance assignment in Italy — Lisa and I exchanging notes over a spritz in the piazza each evening, arguing over which restaurant would be best for fresh pasta — there was so much to see and do in Italy and so little time to do it. We had to divide our time. For Italy Phase 1, Lisa began in Rome and the Amalfi Coast upon arrival. She then headed north to Milan and Lake Como area. For my part, I was entrusted with Tuscany and Umbria (oh, how I suffered!). Phase 2 and phase 3 have yet to be finalized, but Sardinia, Sicily and the Venice area look to be in the pipeline.

My Tuscan Adventure

Tiring but very inspiring, inspecting homes in Tuscany and Umbria was a privileged experience fit for my future memoirs. I began the trip expecting to find it hard to distinguish between all the properties I saw (there were more than 20!). I knew that once I got home I had to write the descriptions from my notes and the stringent checklists we carry out for quality control.

Much to my delight, the villas were all unique in their own way and very memorable. I could imagine all different kinds of scenarios in each: Laidback family getaways in rustic luxe comfort; elegant weddings or fancy wine or golf tours. A number of properties have welcomed their fair share of VIPs and celebrities seeking total privacy and 5-star opulence. Indeed, if there was one element that united the villas I inspected, secluded privacy would come out on top.

Tuscany or Umbria?

Most readers are probably very well versed in the charms of Tuscany. Famed for its wine regions like Chianti, Montepulciano and Montalcino and the famous sights of Florence, Siena and Pisa, Tuscany has long captured the imagination of the world.  Renting a villa in this stunning region is easily a bucket-list feature for many.

Umbria is a blessing in disguise for those open to a unique experience accompanied by fewer culture seekers and trigger-happy photo-snappers. Visitor’s often overlook Tuscany’s neighbour. Umbria’s breathtaking towns such as Assisi, Orvieto and Spoleto, and the impressive city of Perugia offer visitors a taste of Italy that few take the time to encounter. Certainly, if you return to the region a second or third time, Umbria should be your first choice.

Italy Coming Soon

In the coming weeks and months, Tripwix will launch Italy officially. You can expect more detailed introductions to each of the regions Lisa and I explored during Phase 1 of our Italy tour. We will also publish descriptions of the approved villas and apartments we inspected.

In the meantime, if you want to plan a last-minute trip to Italy for 2018 or a getaway for 2019, do not hesitate to contact us today. Allow us to present you with our favourite options tailored for your specific needs.

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Deborah Buley

Originally from the UK and an avid globetrotter, Deborah has lived in Mexico for nearly 10 years, having honed a successful writing career that specializes in sassy travel, upscale interior design, classy hotels and high-end real estate. Among other projects, she collaborated with a renowned Mexican architect to pen a glossy book about the interior design and architecture of a local villa as well as produced a variety of promotional materials for luxury hotels and elite residences in Mexico.