4.5 Acres of Palatial Privacy on Lake Como

Luxe $5,860 - $8,204 / night Bed: 8   Bath: 11 Pax: 14  

With so many outdoor entertainment and dining options, guests are spoiled for choice of where to spend their days. - Reviewed by Lisa

With an elevated vantage point over Lake Como, this elegant luxury villa transports you to another world and a bygone era of stylish, sophisticated living with all the comfort and mod cons you’d expect. It offers a remarkable combination of classical 1900’s Northern Italian architecture beautifully integrated with contemporary lines to enhance what already appeared to be perfection.

It’s difficult to fully appreciate the understated elegance of the interiors of this villa in Lake Como when the multitude of outstanding exteriors — patios, balconies and terraces — all keep drawing you back to the magnificent views. And what views they are! Constantly changing from the subtleties of misty mornings to rich sunset vibrancy.