The Tripwix Property Curation Team

An International Team of Experts with a Strong Background in High-end Interior Design and the Luxury Hospitality Industry.

Meet the Tripwix property curators. Between us, we have hand-selected and inspected every one of the beautiful properties promoted on this website, leaving no pillow unturned and no luxury ignored.

What you see on the website is just the tip of the iceberg. We have more stunning properties in the pipeline as we prepare insightful reviews and find the best of the best to share with you and yours.

Style, Quality and the Wow Factor

In search of the most exclusive locations and the most stylish experiences, we follow strict criteria for quality. For example, we put special emphasis on the quality of the bedding, mattresses, towels and pillows, and are currently — to our knowledge — the only property rental company in the world to rank the bedding and mattresses in each home.

No Pillow Unturned

We rank each bedroom with the following scores:

Mattress: ★★★★★ Bedding: ★★★★Linens: ★★★★ Pillows: ★★★★★ Towels: ★★★★

As we appraise each potential setting for your dream getaways, we envision the different requirements and penchants that vary from client to client. First and foremost, we look for homes that we would love to stay in, searching for that quintessential boutique experience. However, we also put ourselves in your shoes to imagine the kinds of features that might be attractive depending on your needs and unique preferences.

Who Are We?

Below, you can read a little about each one of us and our personal specialist experiences. We all have a strong background in high-end interior design and the luxury hospitality industry. What unites us is a passion for the finer things in life and inspiring homes.

Lisa Bruno
Lisa Bruno is an English ex-pat living in Punta Mita, Mexico. With twenty plus years’ experience as an international interior designer, working on custom residential projects in Spain, USA and Mexico, she now enjoys her ‘job of a lifetime’ as the chief property curator for TRIPWIX. “All my life I have been a stickler for design detail and luxury”. Lisa is also a frustrated golfer, party princess, avid traveller and curious about all the good things life has to offer. She has been a founding partner of Punta de Mita Rentals since 2015 and TRIPWIX since 2016.

Sofia Bragança
Born in Portugal, Sofia’s innate passion for hospitality, interior design and travel is confirmed by over 26 years of experience and success in her field. Having spent most of her colourful career working as an interior designer for major upscale Portuguese hotel chains, she has the eye and impeccable taste necessary for inspecting and evaluating properties as they come on board to join the TripWix collection. She is based in Lisbon and reviews homes primarily in Portugal as well as other countries in Europe.

Deborah Buley
Originally from the UK and a passionate globetrotter, Deborah has lived in Mexico for just over 10 years. Following her bliss, she has honed a successful writing career that specializes in sassy travel, upscale interior design, classy hotels and high-end real estate. Among other leading projects, she collaborated with a renowned Mexican architect to pen a glossy book about the interior design and architecture of a stunning local villa. Likewise, she has produced a variety of promotional materials for luxury hotel chains and elite residences in Mexico.

Ticha Balula
(Property curator for Spain and Portugal from 2016-2018)
Ticha Balula was born in Africa and moved to Lisbon, Portugal at a very young age, where she was immediately enchanted by the contrasts in her surroundings. Although she has two degrees in Management from prestigious institutions and has spent most of her professional life in business, architecture, design and travel have always featured among her passions. She lived in Boston, USA for 2 years and travelled extensively throughout the USA, Central America and Brazil. In addition to her impeccable taste, she has renovated 4 homes, honing her eye for luxury and quality design.

Our Promise To You
We guarantee that our curators have visited and thoroughly inspected every home that we advertise. We are very proud of the intense nature of our inspections and the fact that our curators are well-trained professionals. Our salespeople are well versed in the details of each home, but if you would like to talk to the person who inspected the home you are interested in, please let us know and we’ll arrange a call.

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