Five and a Half Ways to Look Younger When You Travel

Feeling and looking our best when we travel for leisure is par for the course. We tend to sleep better, relax more and have time to attend to those beauty routines that fall to the wayside when we are rushing around dealing with daily chores. Nevertheless, both men and women can help nature along with some simple tips to look younger when travelling.

Here are five and a half ways to look younger when you travel.

1. H20

H20- Look Younger when you Travel
Drink back the years!

Drink plenty of liquids, preferably water. This piece of advice is not limited to your vacations and holidays. While there is some conflicting advice about just how much water you should drink per day, generally speaking, 8 glasses (about 2 liters) a day is a good aim. You will need to drink more if you are enjoying time in a hot climate or exercising. Not only will staying hydrated help the appearance of your skin, but it will help to ease any water retention you encounter after long flights.

Don’t forget, when booking your stay through Tripwix, our private chefs can prepare specialised menus on request, such as anti-oxidant rich meals and smoothies, healthy choice menus, vegan options and more. You might also request that your waiter bring you a glass of water to accompany every cocktail or beer.

2. Save Your Samples

 Look Younger when you Travel
Nourish your skin with a face mask.

Emergency face masks and deep moisturizing masks are great to use on vacation for that extra glow. This is especially true if you are planning to spend time in the sun. However, with ever-increasing limits on luggage allowances, your favourite face masks might be among the first round of items to left behind.

Plan ahead and start collecting samples of your preferred face masks when visiting department stores and beauty counters. It is also worth asking for face mask samples at the Duty Free stores when purchasing beauty products at the airport.

For Tripwix guests who prefer personalised pampering to DIY fixes (who doesn’t?), we can get you the best beauty therapists in each destination to tailor a face treatment to your skin type.

3. Spa Bliss

Look Younger when you Travel
Pampering in paradise.

One suggestion that can take years off anyone is a spa treatment. Whether you opt for a full body massage or facial (or both), you are sure to look younger and more rested afterwards. For shedding unwanted bloating and water retention from the plane, why not try a cellulite-busting wrap or a refreshing body scrub?

Our local Tripwix ambassadors provide a menu of top-quality professional spa services which can be delivered in the comfort of your villa. Many of the homes in the Tripwix collection have a dedicated massage room, and some have full spas with saunas and steam rooms. Want to book a home with a spa? Click here.

4. Go Lighter

 Look Younger when you Travel
Choose your tone wisely.

Most of us battling with grey hair will make a beeline to the hair salon to camouflage those tell-tale roots before heading out on a trip. Before you order your stylist to dye you hair chocolate brown or midnight black, think about the effect the sun might have on your locks if you are heading to sunnier climes. Furthermore, if you have light skin, remember that dark hair is known for making light skin look older and highlighting wrinkles.

No matter your skin tone or natural hair colour, opting for a couple of shades lighter than usual  will help to disguise your grey roots for longer while you are away. Plus, sun bleaching will be less noticeable. Bottle blondes may take the opposite advice and opt for highlights a couple of shades darker. Highlights will soon turn blonder in the sun.

Remember, with Tripwix organising your stay, it’s not the end of the world if there’s no time for the salon before your getaway. We can arrange a stylist to come to your villa. Some of our homes have full-on beauty salons.

5. Cover up

 Look Younger when you Travel
Aging gracefully is hard work!

For looking younger, protecting your hair and face from the sun’s rays should be a priority. A hat will help reduce the effects mentioned in tip No.4 as well as keep damaging rays away from the delicate skin on your face and decolletage.

Using a good sunscreen is also recommended. Choose a specialized face cream with a high SPF for your face with anti-aging ingredients to avoid the temptation of putting thicker sunscreens designed for your body on your face.

Camouflaging any tell-tale cellulite will further enhance the appearance of youth. Include a light cover-up or trendy sarong in your suitcase for when you need to walk to the bathroom or eat snacks.

If you didn’t have time to shop for beachwear and coverups before your trip, never fear. Our ambassadors can tailor a shopping tour or even invite pop-up vendors to come to you.

Half Your Make-up

Look Younger when you Travel
Subtle tones look better at the beach

Finally, less is more at the beach. Don’t over do make-up as this will make you appear older than you are. Moreover, you don’t want panda eyes following a jaunt in the surf. Be sure to use waterproof mascara!

If you would like some tips from a professional, allow us to arrange a make-up artist to come to your villa and give you a personalised make-up tutorial.


Got any tips you would like to share? Looking younger when you travel doesn’t need to be a chore. Leave us a comment with your advice.

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Deborah Buley

Originally from the UK and an avid globetrotter, Deborah has lived in Mexico for nearly 10 years, having honed a successful writing career that specializes in sassy travel, upscale interior design, classy hotels and high-end real estate. Among other projects, she collaborated with a renowned Mexican architect to pen a glossy book about the interior design and architecture of a local villa as well as produced a variety of promotional materials for luxury hotels and elite residences in Mexico.