5 Items You Should Never Forget for a Fabulous Getaway

Besides the obvious essentials like your passport, money and favourite outfits that make you feel fabulous, there are some essential items you will be so glad you took with you on a sunny getaway, no matter where you go. You can never get enough vacation tips! If you are anything like me, you always forget something; so why not keep a list in your suitcase to refer to for each trip?

Here are my 5 items you should never forget for a fabulous getaway …


Vacation Tips - Take a sarong
Sarong for a fabulous getaway
A Sarong / Wrap

A sarong is not limited to beach getaways or gender. It can come in very handy even on cold city breaks, and is of use to both men and women. The benefits for beach trips are, perhaps, more obvious: sarongs can double up as a lightweight alternative to a beach towel for both men and women and can be used as a versatile cover up when you move from the poolside to your room or have lunch. For cooler climates, a sarong can be worn as a lightweight scarf or shawl or used to cover your legs as you sit outside on a cool starry night. Another way a sarong can come in handy is to keep your dirty laundry in your case separate or to separate your clothes for different occasions.




Vacation Tips: Take a Camera
Strike a pose!

You will surely want to take some pictures so you’ll remember your getaway for years to come. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets have high-quality lenses, yet nothing beats the quality of a good camera when capturing unforgettable moments while whale watching, diving, mountain climbing, and so on. Adventure seekers might consider a Go-Pro or some kind of waterproof camera to take pics of those magical underwater moments. Using a camera — rather than haphazardly snapping on your smartphone — encourages you to consider the object of your attention more carefully instead of relying on filters and Photoshopping later.


Vacation Tips: Take a book
Nothing beats a great book!
Word Candy

No matter how short or direct your flight, train journey or ferry, having something gripping to read en-route to your destination is essential. Whether it be a best-selling paperback, a magazine or a self-help book you’ve downloaded to your tablet, you will be glad you packed something to read. This is especially true when visiting a country that has a different official language as finding a great read can be tricky. Be sure to pack all chargers for your tablets and smartphones as well as any necessary plug adapters – otherwise, you will wish you had brought a good ol’ fashioned book to read.



Vacation Tips: Take spare clothes
Spare clothes in carry-on
Spare Clothes

When it comes to vacation tips, there’s something to be said about packing a spare set of clothes in your carry-on luggage (at the very least, a spare set of underwear). You will be glad you planned for any eventuality if your suitcase doesn’t arrive on the same flight. Or, just imagine if your plane is delayed and you have to spend the night in the airport or a nearby hotel. Likewise, having a change of clothes makes it easy to launch headlong into your getaway. Your planned arrival outfit is on hand as soon as you arrive. You can leave unpacking until after your first cocktail.


Vacation Tip: Take your medication
Have enough medication for your whole trip.

Finally, on a more serious note, packing any necessary or preventative medicine is a good idea. Don’t forget any doctor’s prescriptions that you may need as proof of legitimacy in case your medication is restricted in the country you are visiting. Pack them in your carry-on in case your suitcase is lost in transit. While most countries may stock your medication, sometimes the brand names are confusing, and you may not be able to get exactly what you need. Furthermore, you don’t want to be wasting valuable time looking for your medication in the local pharmacies (although it might be a great way to practice your foreign language skills!).

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Vacation Tips: 5 Items for a fabulous getaway!


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