Seville Area

Seville is the capital of Andalucia, in southern Spain. This is a destination for culture-vultures, art aficionados, sightseers, foodies, oenophiles, equestrian lovers, dance fanatics, history buffs and lovers of life!

Seville is a city that you will never get tired of exploring at any hour of the day or night. Alive with people, restaurants, cafés, bars and bustling shops -let its music-filled streets, private passageways and secret places embrace you. This is a city that never seems to close down and has something on offer for everybody.


This vibrant, impressive city offers a plethora of incredible cultural and sightseeing activities. Pass fascinating days under clear blue skies trotting from impressive monument to monument in an open top, horse-drawn carriage. With multiple monuments to quench your cultural curiosity; from the elegant Plaza Espana to the most traditional Plaza de Toros (bullring) you will wind your way through a maze of tiny streets at the heart of the historical city taking in architecture dating from the Moorish times. Wide, open avenues showcase impressive, imaginative monuments and, right at the heart of it all, sits the magnificent Cathedral and Giralda tower. These impressive buildings seem to have a life force of their own.

Aging gracefully with 2,200 years of history under its archways, the physical size and power of Seville Cathedral draws you in like a magnet. Wherever you find yourself in this romantic, colourful city, you cannot escape the palpable energy and magnetism, the impressive architecture and the physical strength of this beautiful building.

Culture and tradition abound with innumerable locations to feast upon the fiery Flamenco shows. Mournful, songs are accompanied by a frenzy of stomping feet, swirling shawls and skirts, hand clapping and, of course, the unforgettable, melodic tones of Spanish guitar. Do not be mistaken by thinking Flamenco is a tourist activity, of course, tourists are drawn to its drama, but locals, too, have a deep appreciation and flock to watch the professionals or erupt into spontaneous song and dance routines in the most unlikely places.

It never ceases to amaze how so many bars, restaurants and cafes can be so constantly busy, but they are! People in Seville like to eat! Plentiful dishes, reasonable prices and excellent ingredients all go a long way to satisfy every palette. Traditional Tapas bars abound but far from becoming boring, each offers its own special twist and fascinating décor. Elegant white-clothed restaurants sit next door to simple bars, all providing friendly, efficient service and noteworthy experiences.

Best Time to Visit

With temperate climes throughout much of the year, blue skies and little rainfall make Seville a good bet for a weekend getaway or a long vacation. Summer temperatures are hot but somehow the heat and the passionate local culture seem to be made for one another.



  • TRIPWIX tailor-made “Spanish Classic Countryside Pursuits” program – Bullfighting may have fallen from grace in recent years but the history, tradition and culture cannot be denied a stage in Spain. The ritual and the culture is deeply embedded in the history of the country and is visible on many levels.
  • The Feria de Seville is held in April – If your vacation program allows, the highlight of the Seville calendar is this fantastic colorful fair. To really understand how deep the traditions and history still run in this proud corner of Andalucia, this event needs to be attended. Acres of colourful fabrics abound in the shape of swirling flamenco dresses, carnations in the hair, braided horse manes, sights, sounds, flavours are all on beautiful display for the world to appreciate. Bullfighting aficionados and lovers of all things Spanish will never fail to revisit the unique memories of this incredibly vibrant festival.
  • Romance – Roam the banks of the Guadalquivir River at any time or trot through the city in a horse drawn carriage, wandering the many parks and gardens that abound throughout the city a sense of romance and passion always lingers in the air.
  • Walking  – Walking is the best way to see the city.  We do not recommend renting a car to drive in the city centre. Taxis abound.