Gulet Rentals in Bodrum

"A luxey boating experience that needs to be encountered first-hand!" - Reviewed by Lisa

Bodrum Bodrum Marina Turkey

RATING – Wonderfully Wixxy Experience
Really, the entire town of Bodrum is based around the boating business… and not just any old boat, but the classic-style Turkish gulets.

Any marina anywhere offers sleek and expensive yachts, motorboats and pleasure palaces. But Milta Bodrum Marina, along with neighboring Aegean and Lycian marinas, brings an array of fat-bottomed, wooden sailing beauties that would make rock group “Queen” proud! These tall-masted beauties sit firmly in the water and their beams can accommodate the most unbalanced sailor.

These girls know how to wow! Once on board, you cannot believe you’re on a boat! Most guests have enjoyed a sailing or motor boat excursion – but bring on these babes and they score a perfect ten! Wide-beamed, wooden-hulled and decked – they offer classic beauty yet they ride the waves in perfect harmony.

Gulets sit low in the water, which means you are one with the ocean. The landscape meets the sea at eye-level so you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Slipping in and out of the ocean is easy, jumping aboard the innumerable ocean toys offered by each boat is yet more fun.

Wake up surrounded by crystal-clear waters, watch the fish swim past or dive in and join them, come up for air refreshed and rejuvenated… and that’s just the start of your day! Now, wait till you see the breakfast feast the Chef has prepared, complete with a steaming cup of freshly-ground coffee that is handed to you before you have even dried off from the morning wake up dip.

Life on board is easy and comfortable. Large, luxey cabins make for happy guests and delicious fresh food served alongside surprisingly-good local wines makes for an authentic experience. It’s a whole new dimension – they are so accommodating it’s hard to believe you’re on a boat! They offer large saloons, big cabins and decks for partying, lounging, sunbathing and even BBQs!

And we haven’t even mentioned all the wonderful places you can visit! These girls are serious and like to travel – they are all licensed to travel in international waters so they can take guests to Greece, Italy, Croatia, even Spain! You have the time – these ladies have the means!