Customer Loyalty

Loved your last stay with us and want more? If the answer is “yes”, our Tripwix Ambassadors and curation team have done us proud! Now it’s our chance to show our appreciation for your loyalty.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide an unrivaled, personalized experience that makes you come back for more time and again, whether to the same destination or to new horizons under the wing of our Tripwix Ambassadors on the ground. From your last stay, you know you can trust our inspection process to recommend only the very best homes in each destination. So, why not allow us to offer suggestions for future travel?

Giving Back

In appreciation for your loyalty, we have some exclusive deals and discounts only available to repeat guests. Each time you book with us, we promise to make the incentives juicier and juicier. Contact us today and tell us where you want to go. And don’t forget to mention where you stayed with us last time so we can prepare a tailored incentive for your loyalty.

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