Coconuts, Cenotes and Mexico’s Caribbean Luxury

Nowhere in Mexico will you hear as many different languages than when walking down Playa del Carmen’s buzzing 5th Avenue. In the last two decades, Mexico’s Riviera Maya has exploded with options for travelers on all levels of the economic spectrum. Amongst Spanish and English spoken with a myriad of accents, the chatter of Russian, French, Portuguese, Italian and even Chinese serenade the store fronts and multitudes of restaurants.

But what brings such a medley of distinct nationalities to this part of Mexico? And why would you want to join them?

Mexico's Caribbean Luxury Beach
Mexico’s Caribbean from Above. Photo by Spencer Watson on Unsplash

Beyond 5th Avenue

Contrary to what you might think when seeing images of Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue back to back with wide-eyed tourists, Mexico’s Caribbean coastline is fully primed to go heads and tails above and beyond the expectations of today’s most refined traveler. The region has become a magnet for international jet-setters, Instagram influencers and affluent families looking for authentic experiences and the best of the best when it comes to luxury.

Yes, 5th Avenue might be packed 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year with the tourist mob, but we promise you, there’s so much more to Riviera Maya than 5th Avenue. And yes, you will no doubt find yourself walking the street at some point. A getaway without some guilty pleasures, is just not a vacation.

What’s All the Fuss About?

Culture Mexico's Caribbean Luxury
Experience ancient Mayan traditions firsthand.

This region is overwhelmingly packed with multiple attractions spread out over kilometers of stunning Caribbean coastline rich in culture, history, gastronomy and natural wonders. Really, there is something for everyone here.

You want totally privacy on a sandy beach with the brightest turquoise waters you’ve ever seen?
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You want to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Mexico?
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You love visiting places with diverse culinary traditions?
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You want a destination with stimulating outdoor activities for your children?
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You seek unique scuba and snorkeling experiences like diving amongst coral reefs, ship wrecks and even an underwater art museum?
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You love perfecting your swing in the world’s top golf courses?
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You want to relax with your loved ones in the most luxurious properties in Mexico with staff on hand to attend your every whim.
Check!👍 Check!👍 Check! 👍

Mexico's Caribbean Luxury
Borrow the Hobie-cat when you stay at Villa Nalum, Tulum.

Experts on the Ground

Just like any of the greatest bucket-list destinations around the world, they don’t stay a secret for long. However, what we can guarantee at Tripwix is that you access the most unique villas and experiences in the region, enjoying bespoke itineraries that show the region in all its glory.

We take you on the roads less travelled, to the local secrets, and bring the best services to your villa from spa therapists to top chefs to pop-up stores. And what’s more, we can tailor even the most popular activities such as visiting the local Cirque du Soleil, swimming with whale sharks or exploring ancient Mayan cities and cenotes so that you have an exclusive, luxury encounter.

Mexico's Caribbean Luxury
How about staying in the Sian Ka’an nature preserve near Tulum?

Join me for an adventure in Mexico’s Caribbean like no other. Huge swathes of white sandy beaches await you where warm 5-star service comes second nature.


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Anna Schriemer

Originally from Groningen in the north of Holland, Anna is Tripwix’s ambassador for Mexico’s most exclusive stretch of Caribbean coastline. With more than 13 years living and working in the Riviera Maya and Tulum area, she is our local expert who can arrange a host of unique experiences and tailored services for you. She has spent most of her time in Mexico working in the luxury hospitality business, after having arrived in 2005 as an intern to complete her final year at University studying hotel management. Today, she is also a real estate advisor and high-end property manager.