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What is TRIPWIX?

TRIPWIX is a luxury rental company catering to the discerning traveler. We offer a curated portfolio of personally inspected and hosted homes in hand-picked locations throughout the world.

What does TRIPWIX mean?

TRIP – is obvious. WIX – in urban slang means something cool or hip. Well, we actually have very old-fashioned values but really hip ideas.

TRIPWIX culture

You’ve heard of “slow” food (you know – back to basics, fresh, pure ingredients, cooked the old-fashioned way, no chemicals, no microwaves and eaten lingeringly with friends). Well, now there are “slow” shops and “slow” restaurants. This is not just a fad – we believe people want to get back to reality.

We consider ourselves “slow” travel: back to basics – the old fashioned way.  We want to get to know you and your family and help you find the perfect vacation experience. We’re not interested in providing cookie-cutter, homogeneous experiences or push you into something you won’t enjoy. Like that lingering meal, we want you to come back again and again to the memories of the perfect trip and a new friendship with someone you can trust.

Who created TRIPWIX?

We are a group of four friends from around the world. Although we are all very different, we all love to travel. And, we were all very disillusioned by recent experiences with the luxury rental market. We want to be sure that what we have booked and paid for is what we will really get. Feeling disappointed and not knowing who to trust or believe anymore, we expressed our frustrations to friends in different destinations and found that they shared the same feelings.

We asked them if they’d like to become ambassadors for their destinations. Would they be able to select exclusive homes with a high standard of quality and service and host visitors just like them, like us?. Would they be prepared to take their guests on sight-seeing tours of their local environments and introduce them personally to the best of what their destination has to offer?

A “slow travel” experience in a top-quality home, hosted by a local who is a leader in his community…this is what we all agreed is missing in today’s luxury rental market. And our goal is to fill that void.

Meet the founders of TRIPWIX

team 4

Miguel has lived in 4 continents and is currently based in Mexico. He has worked in the hospitality industry at various points around the globe. Miguel loves all things equestrian (polo, dressage, rejoneo, cross country, eventing, etc), is a fool for wine and good regional foods, authentic restaurants, fun bars and luxury travel, He’s also a cigar aficionado and a history buff.

team 3

Lisa is from the UK but spent many years in the USA. Her interests lie in interior design, culture immersion, cooking, Old World wines, shopping and fashion trends.  She has visited over 55 countries worldwide and never gets tired of finding the new quintessential boutique experience.

team 2

Aaron, the laid back real estate buff is a cyber geek from Canada.  He is also an adventure nut and family man with 3 young boys. The great outdoors is his thing: he loves to surf, hike and bike. Aaron also likes slurping craft beers, enjoys a good BBQ and loves finding cool, off-the-wall places to chill with his family.

team 1

Francisco from Portugal is the jet-set exec. He’s always darting worldwide for board meetings while juggling a fast-paced life with his kids’ high school and college activities.  An international rugby player in his youth, he now coaches and is still playing in Lisbon. He loves his down time but needs everything super-organized and efficient. Francisco has a passion for Iberian Peninsula country living and pursuits – he likes to mix sophisticated big city breaks with country weekend getaways. He must have great food, great wines and, hopefully, a few minutes for a good book.

We got together to create a company that caters to us… All of us!

Lisa refused to book any more rental properties after a couple of major, expensive, disappointments. “I want to stay in a beautiful house with a super-clean, comfortable bed. I’m sick of renting beautiful houses and dreading bed time”. Lisa is implementing branded bedding to be introduced to all TRIPWIX properties.

Miguel and Francisco love country pursuits and wanted to find great accommodations that catered to their passions – not the bare bones basics that are currently predominantly on offer.

Aaron seems easier to please, but with his little kids he wanted to go places and know people who know people. “I was sick of generic hosts who were actually no more than a coded lock box. I want to know somebody cool on the ground when I get where I’m going. Somebody who could reassure me that the babysitter was genuinely safe, that the restaurants we were going to were clean”. He wanted to be “hosted”.

We hope that you’ll follow our growing adventure as we bring on new properties, new hosts, new activities and, of course, we really hope you will call us and let us help you book a fantastic property in one of our hand-picked locations. We will guarantee that you’ll love your temporary home – we cannot guarantee the weather when you get there!

Welcome to our world!

Miguel, Lisa, Aaron and Francisco.

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