Carvoiero calm! Villa in the Algarve for Tranquil Getaways

Luxe $297 - $834 / night Bed: 5   Bath: 4 Pax: 10  

‘’Amazing how such a simple floor plan and carefully chosen furnishing can create a utopia of calm and tranquility’’ - Reviewed by Lisa

Combining a unique location in the middle of a nature reserve with beautiful ocean views and perfect peacefulness is a true luxury, not the traditional version of luxury as we know it, but all the elements of a beautiful life simply rolled into one pure package.

With an eye to creating an eco-friendly dwelling, the design and architecture combine a well-thought-through mix of excellent quality materials such as local marbles, tropical hardwoods, recycled local woods, polished concrete floors and Balinese artifacts.

But the focus on sustainability does not detract from the comfort level. The fun, well-equipped kitchen with a long counter space is ideal for family and friends to hang out and cook up a feast. Dining can be enjoyed equally indoors or out with a covered patio made for lingering alfresco meals.

Let’s not overlook the lovely, super peaceful gardens where listening to the silence is a perfect pastime and fun days in the sun are catered for with the sparkling private pool.