Tulum Villa with Pristine Beach and Impeccable Service

Luxe GBP £1.723 - £3.321 / night Bed: 4 - 6   Bath: 6.5 Pax: 8 - 12  

"Seeing the sun rise without having to lift my head off the pillow was magical in the Master Suite." - Reviewed by Deborah

When choosing the stunning Soliman Bay to host your luxury getaway near Tulum, a beachfront rental home like this fits the bill. Right on the beach, camouflaged and hidden from neighbours by lush palms, you can literally tumble from breakfast to the pool to a hammock to the beach and back again, knowing you’ve got everything you need at hand. If you have forgotten something, no worries, a handy waiter will oblige. 

And, what a beach! Crystal-clear water might sound like a cliché, but you can literally see the fins on the tiny fish that swim amongst your feet. If you are lucky, you might catch sight of a turtle! You can also walk for miles along the sandy beach that can only be accessed by guests and owners of the million-dollar homes lining the shore here. Why not borrow a kayak and explore the coastline from the water? 

Beyond the natural beauty, the service in this 3-storey Tulum villa is impeccable. A full team of staff is on hand to prepare snacks, barbecues, cocktails and ice-buckets full of beer at your bidding. The chef can also tailor menus to suit all dietary requirements.