Punta de Mita, Mexico – Dates for your Diary

Wondering when the best time to visit Punta de Mita would be this year? Besides the obvious answer (any time!), you might wish to plan your Mexican getaway around some of the most popular Punta de Mita events scheduled for 2019. Read on for some of the highlights planned for the year ahead.

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Festival Sayulita
Opening Ceremony at Festival Sayulita, Photo: Desiree Bilon


Festival Sayulita 2019
The sixth annual Festival Sayulita is a unique gathering for all lovers of Mexico, film, drinking, food, music and surf. Film screenings are hosted on the beach in addition to gastro events, beer tastings and more. To be held January 30th to February 3rd in Sayulita, about 25 minutes from Punta de Mita.

San Pancho Music Festival
The annual 3-day music festival in San Pancho takes place on the weekend starting February 22nd in the town’s main square, Plaza del Sol. The music festival typically features regional, national and international artists on two alternating stages starting around 5pm. San Pancho is about 30 minutes from Punta de Mita.


Punta Mita Game Fishing Tournament**
The 2nd Annual Punta Mita Game Fishing Tournament takes place on Saturday 16th March from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. The tournament aims to challenge amateurs and experienced anglers alike in a fun-for-all competition in Banderas Bay’s waters.

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Discover more unique fishing experiences with Tripwix.


Punta Mita Golf Kitchen**
From April 25th to April 29th, Club Punta Mita in conjunction with Golf Kitchen Magazine present a signature cuisine and golf event with a Two-day Golf Kitchen Cup. You can expect a fabulous schedule of activities showcasing gourmet cuisine, fine wines and craft cocktails. Get ready to meet guest chefs from some of the most prestigious Golf Clubs and Resorts in the USA and Latin America.

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Punta Mita Surf Camp**
Enjoy the second edition of one of the most popular Punta de Mita events. Punta Mita Surf Camp from July 31st to August 2nd. A great choice for all the family.

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Punta Mita Beach Festival*
This fun-filled festival on August 3rd and 4th is one of the highlights of summer in Punta Mita. Take part in family-friendly activities: yoga, snorkelling, scuba diving, stand up paddle, kayaks, kite-surfing and more. This festival also makes a great climax to the Surf Camp.

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Beach games
Punta Mita Beach Festival. August 3rd and 4th.


Mexico Independence Day
For a truly authentic Mexican experience, aim to be in Mexico on September 15th and 16th to witness the festivities to celebrate Mexico’s Día de la Independencia.


Farmers Markets Return
Not so much an event but a reason to visit from October through May. Banderas Bay is home to a number of colourful farmers markets. The closest to Punta Mita is the legendary Sunday morning market at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle about 15 minutes from Punta de Mita. You will also find markets in nearby Sayulita, Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta on other days of the week.

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Humpback whale
Whale watching season Nov-Mar. Why not take a private tour?


Whale Season
From November until the end of March, you will share your visit with spectacular humpback whales that make their way south towards the warm waters of Banderas Bay to feed, breed and give birth.

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Day of the dead
November 2nd is the day Mexico celebrates the famous Día de Muertos. This is an incredibly fascinating time to visit Mexico. Expect to see decorated altars, painted sculls, art exhibitions and more.

Punta de Mita Events
Day of the Dead procession

International Gourmet Festival
Though specific dates have yet to be announced for this year’s event. The International Gourmet Festival usually takes place at the end of November and lasts around 10 days. A variety of venues welcome multiple guest chefs to host one of the most renowned festivals in Banderas Bay. This year, the gourmet festival celebrates its 25th edition.


Gourmet and Golf**
The famous Gourmet and Golf event hosted by Club Punta Mita attracts a particularly exclusive crowd looking for the finer things in life. Dates for 2019 still to be announced. Contact us, so we can help you book accommodation as soon as the dates are made official.

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Festival of Guadalupe Processions (La Guadalupana)
In Mexico, you must witness the festivities in honour of the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12th. In nearby Puerto Vallarta, festivities take place from December 1st through the 12th.

Punta de Mita events
Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf.**Photo: João Peleteiro


**Event organized by Club Punta Mita. This event may be limited to guests staying in homes located within the Punta Mita gated development. Check with us before booking to recommend the best homes for accessing all the Club Punta Mita events.


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