Best Surfing Beaches in Peniche

Peniche truly is a surfers’ paradise! Once an island, it is now joined to the mainland via a sandy land bridge. The Peniche peninsula, located 60 minutes north of Lisbon, is also known as the Wave Capital – it is a swell magnet with offshore winds. Various stretches of coast face different directions, so somewhere is always offshore. There are lots of spots to choose from that make almost any wind and swell combination work.


There are two breaks: a right reef break and a left-hand point break on the other side. Since it’s very shallow, it works best with big swells. Intermediate to advanced.
Tide – Mid-tide
Swell – South and West
Wind – North/East


This is a right-hand point break that breaks over rock. Expect long rides. For intermediate and advanced surfers.
Tide – High
Swell – West and Southeast
Wind – East/Northeast


Supertubos – the Portuguese Pipeline – is a super-fast barreling beach break that is host to a WSL (World Surf League) championship event in October. The beautiful A-frame waves are suitable for advanced surfers. Can hold a lot of size.
Tide – Low to full
Swell – South and West
Wind – North/East


This right-hand point that breaks off the pier needs a lot of swell to work.  Some long-barreling sections are great for body-boarding and surfing. Sandy bottom. Intermediate to advanced.
Tide – High tide going towards low tide
Swell – West and South
Wind – North/East

Peniche Surf – Photo Credit: Joao Barbosa


(Cerro, Baia and Cantinho da Baia)
This very long, sandy beach with multiple peaks from Peniche to Baleal Island works well with big swells. Good beach for beginners.
Tide – Low tide
Swell – West and North
Wind – South/East


A beach break with right and left peaks. The bottom is mostly sand but there are some scattered rocks. Good days produce long, barreling waves.
Tide – Low to High
Swell – North and West
Wind – East/South


A long beach with strong waves that can be long and barreling. It is home to multiple beach breaks – you might even find a lone peak for yourself!
Tide – All
Swell – North
Wind – East/South

Porto Batel Wave
Surfing the Wave in Porto Batel – Photo Credit: Joao Barbosa


Lagido is a long, left-hand reef break with a fat wave that’s lots of fun to surf. Works well with big swells and can hold a lot of size. Beginners can surf next to Lagido on Prainha – the small beach.
Tide – All
Swell – North and Northwest
Wind – South and East

Berlenga Islands
Berlenga Islands – Photo Credit Turismo del Centro


Óbidos – Long associated with the kings and queens of Portugal, Óbidos is an ancient walled village that is
full of history and recognized as an important national treasure. This historic village comes complete with a castle and narrow cobblestone lanes lined with whitewashed homes and bougainvillea.

The Berlengas Archipelago – Just a 30-minute boat ride from Peniche, this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is a great place for diving.  Its deep blue waters and reefs are teeming with marine life. You might just stumble upon one of the dozens of shipwrecks or find an underwater cave to explore.

Fortaleza São João Baptista
Fortaleza São João Baptista – Photo Credit Turismo del Centro

Home to several protected species of birds and plants, the islands can be explored with or without an experienced guide. While there, be sure to visit the Duke of Bragança Lighthouse and St. John the Baptist Fort. You can also take a boat tour to the impressive caves and follow trails where you’ll find more spectacular views that are sure to take your breath away!

Ready to head off for a Peniche surf holiday? Contact TRIPWIX at to set you up with a trip to some of the best waves on the Silver Coast. Or, if you’re new to surfing, to arrange lessons to get you started.

The waves are waiting for you. Pack up your board and come on a surfing adventure here on the Silver Coast. You might just score the best ride of your life!

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