Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta

Bright lights, friendly people, great music, spectacular staff and, of course, champagne! What more could you ask for? That’s what nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is all about. Oh, and maybe a shot or two of tequila for the brave.

Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta

While I’m in danger of generalising, it is safe to say that Mexicans love to party. And, nowhere is this more obvious than in Puerto Vallarta where the party-spirit is contagious and appealing to all generations. You would be forgiven for thinking that nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is the realm of the under 25s but you will soon learn that’s simply not true.

When the Vallartenses (people who were born in or have lived all their life in Puerto Vallarta) saw that tourism was growing in this wonderful destination, they felt like sharing their party spirit with visitors. Thus, over the years, multiple venues catering to all types of moods, ages and romantic orientation started popping up.

For Both the Young and Young at Heart

Today, the nightlife scene in Puerto Vallarta is varied. Even if you like to be in bed by 10pm you can still enjoy the city’s fun-packed nightlife. Many bars and restaurants feature live music and offer a great atmosphere from sunset onward.

The Malecon boardwalk is a great place for families to enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s nocturnal pleasures and you can rent wheelie toys and miniature motorcars to keep your youngest happy as you saunter from one end to the other. At the end of the Malecon, there is a lovely amphitheatre where clowns and other performances take centre stage.

In the Old Town you’ll find a number of colourful LGBT+ venues with drag shows aplenty after midnight. Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta has something for everyone.

Mandala Puerto Vallarta Photo credit: Deborah Buley
When the Real Party Starts

Like it or not, there’s no denying that nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is best enjoyed by the night owls. The height of the city’s party scene normally starts after 11 pm and ends around 5 or 6 am. You might try a few venues before settling on a nightclub to end your evening dancing or sharing a bottle of liquor with your companions.

Sometimes you will be able to enjoy the talents of musicians such as saxophonists or flutists who play alongside modern electronic music. Usually, the invited musicians will improvise, but some have already worked with the DJ before, which makes their performance even better and people dance even harder. And, it’s not only musicians who are invited to perform, gymnasts and professional dancers are frequently employed  to perform to create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

What to Drink

Generally, going out in Puerto Vallarta is pretty cheap. If you are heading to a nightclub as a group, your best option is to buy a bottle of liquor between your group and secure a nice table and waiter.  For example, a bottle of Mexico’s best-known alcoholic drink, tequila, costs upward of around 900 pesos – including the juices and sodas you choose to mix with it. Nightclubs also have temporary promotions that appear on the big TV screens, including bottles of champagne and premium labels.

Getting about Late at Night

Taxis are easy to find and affordable. While the one you hail at 5am may not be in great shape, these taxi drivers know the city best and they can get you any place you wish as fast as possible. Since traffic is less during the night, taxi drivers sometime charge lower rates because they can get around faster.

Nighttime on the Malecón. Photo credit: Deborah Buley

If all that sounds good, here comes the best part! After five or six hours of dancing and having fun with your friends, you will obviously feel hungry. That is why the best food trucks in Puerto Vallarta are located right outside the nightclubs and why they stay open until the end of the night. They are very cheap to eat in and have excellent menus.

All in all, Puerto Vallarta is not only a great place to visit for its beaches and stunning homes, but also for the fun stuff people can do at night with their friends. Nightclubs sure are an option for those who love music and want to enjoy nightlife in Puerto Vallarta on their luxury getaway!



Jose Carvalho

Jose Carvalho, known to his friends as Bibas, is an 18-year-old student living both Portugal and in Punta Mita, Mexico. His life is pretty simple: he studies five days a week, has fun with his friends over the weekend and satisfies his passion for surf whenever there are waves! He would like to share all the cool stuff in both places with other people his age.