Tripwix Makes the News Again!

April 2018 was a great month for Tripwix, making the news twice in Portuguese media channels. Firstly, Casa de Santiago in Alentejo, Portugal received a glowing review by a Portuguese celebrity, Felipa Garnel, while Tripwix’s CEO and co-founder, Francisco Bessa and the Tripwix Ambassador to Alentejo, Francisco Lobo de Vasconcellos, were both interviewed for a program screened on Portuguese television about successful startups in the tourism industry.

One of the best-kept secrets of Alentejo

No longer a secret, the news is certainly out about Casa de Santiago, a stunning stately home that sits with pride of place overlooking Alentejo – almost within reach of the town’s castle. In a review on her personal website, Felipa Garnel complimented the manor as being “one of the best-kept secrets of Alentejo”. Why should you take note of Felipa Garnel’s opinion? While she may not be so well known amongst English speaking readers, Felipa Garnel is a well-known Portuguese writer and actress famed for a number of movies in the 90’s. We agree with her glowing opinion about this one-of-a-kind home. Find out more about Casa de Santiago by clicking here.

Poolside pleasure at Casa de Santiago.

Tourism Startups

Besides charming the Portuguese actress, Casa de Santiago was also featured in a short travel episode about successful tourism startups that was broadcast on Portuguese television. The program’s TV Editorial Coordinator, Fernando Paula, interviewed Tripwix’s CEO and co-founder, Francisco Bessa and Alentejo’s Ambassador, Francisco Lobo de Vasconcellos about the role for entrepreneurship in supporting the development of tourism in Portugal. Click on the link below to watch the program. Although the episode was broadcast in Portuguese, you will surely enjoy seeing Casa de Santiago up close and personal and meeting two of Tripwix’s most inspiring Franciscos.

Os empreendedores que fazem turismo

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