Getaways in Turkey – Where East Meets West and Old Meets New

Turn your dreams into reality and allow Tripwix to plan inspired getaways in Turkey for you and your loved ones. Ignore scaremongers who’d have you doubt your safety in Turkey. Now’s the time to visit when popular tourist sights aren’t so packed and prices are sweet.

One of the world’s most culturally rich and fascinating countries, the Republic of Turkey is home to an evocative blend of history, religion, geographical wonders and culinary contrasts just waiting to be discovered. Add to this captivating mix the warmth of its people and you have a country tailored for good times and plenty of stimulating fun.

Getaways in Turkey - Istanbul by night
The magic of Istanbul, Turkey, by night.

A Country Full of Wonders

Few countries can compete with Turkey when it comes to ancient wonders. Turkey claims 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in addition to more than 300 parks and protected areas, and over 100 natural monuments. And, if that weren’t enough, the country is home to two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the ruins of the Mausoleum of Maussollos in Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. What better way to enjoy a well-earned break than to combine history, culture and a breath-taking coastline spanning more than 8,000 km (5,000miles).

Getaways in Turkey with TripWix

TripWix’s senior curator, Lisa Bruno, spent the beginning of the year in Turkey. She inspected luxury properties and stunning Turkish sailing boats known locally as gulets, selecting the most luxurious homes, apartments and gulets to add to the TripWix collection.

Very soon we will be offering some amazing homes on the Bodrum Peninsula as well as beautiful, fully-serviced apartments in Istanbul. However, without a doubt, the highlight of any visit to Turkey has to be a gulet cruise along the Turquoise Coast.

Why not allow us to arrange a fabulous tour that takes you from the colourful frenzy of Istanbul to the coastal bliss of the Bodrum Peninsula, finishing off your sojourn on an idyllic gulet cruise?

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey
Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque) in Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul is a fascinating marriage of the past and present, of trendy and ancient. It seems familiar, but at the same time tempts you to venture further. To try something different. To push yourself to live up to centuries of sophistication that have honed the city’s flavour. It is a feast for the senses. From the beauty of its palaces, the intricacies of its architectural detailing, the centuries-old art and the kaleidoscope of colours that surprise you at every turn. And then there’s the evocative wail amplified by speakers calling the faithful to prayer at one of the dozen or more mosques scattered throughout the various neighbourhoods whose skylines are punctuated with domes, minarets and skyscrapers.

Bodrum Peninsula

The beautiful Bodrum Peninsula is home to small villages such as Gündoğan, with its over-water deck lounges and restaurants, super-quiet hamlets like Gümüşlük and other rural enclaves. Then, there’s the most sophisticated spot on the coast: Yalikavak. With its high-end shopping, upscale marina, busy boardwalk and any number of luxurious services, Yalikavak is the perfect playground for those staying on the peninsula. Even if you only have time for a day trip or evening meal, it’s worth it. You’ll find the entire area is very laid-back and casual, and the locals are extremely friendly.

Getaways in Turkey - Bodrum
Bodrum – Seaside getaways in Turkey.

Fat-Bottomed Beauties

TripWix offers a jaw-dropping catalogue of tall-masted, wide-beamed sailing gulets that can accommodate even the most unbalanced sailor for a breath-taking “Blue Cruise” along the country’s turquoise coast. Sailing aboard a TripWix-approved Turkish gulet is a unique experience like no other. Wide-beamed hulls make gulets very stable. They sit low in the water, which means you are one with the sea and slipping in and out of the water is easy. Booking through TripWix, you can expect 5-star cabins and service, large saloons, and decks for partying, lounging, sunbathing and even BBQs. Soon you could be sailing through crystal-clear waters so transparent that you can count the scales on the colourful fish passing by.

Meira Gulet cruises, Turkey
Meira is a 5-deck super gulet, sailing from Bodrum, Turkey

Currently sailing from Bodrum, TripWix will be announcing additional ports in the coming months.

Your Safety in Turkey

It is no secret that Turkey has suffered its fair share of bad press in recent years in terms of safety and civil demonstrations. As such, some international government agencies advise against travel to some areas of the country. In particular, some parts of the south east. However, Turkey is a big country and its popular tourist destinations offer little cause for concern, enjoying additional security measures to safeguard visitors. Nevertheless, as when travelling to any unknown destination, you should always exercise caution and common sense.

While the official advice for getaways in Turkey is to “stay vigilant”, the upside to the country’s recovering reputation is that places of interest that were typically tourist-heavy are currently an absolute delight to visit. With fewer people to obscure your photo opportunities, you can engage more authentically with the country’s cultural highlights. Likewise, now’s the time to visit Turkey to enjoy the best deals, saving yourself some cash to spend on those extra luxuries.

Bodrum gulets in Turkey
Gulets jostle in Bodrum’s sunshine.

When to Go

The Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas such as Bodrum enjoy a typical Mediterranean climate – hot summers, warm springs and autumns and temperate winters. The Istanbul area finds summers warm and humid while the winters are cool and damp. Snow is common at the coastal areas, although it doesn’t stay on the ground for long and is limited to only a few days every winter.

If you are tempted by idyllic getaways in Turkey, contact us directly today so we can find the right accommodation just for you and yours. We are on-boarding properties as we speak and may have more availability than currently published on the website.

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Lisa Bruno

Lisa Bruno is an English ex-pat living in Punta Mita, Mexico.

With twenty plus years experience as an international interior designer, working on custom residential projects in Spain, USA and Mexico, she now enjoys her "job of a lifetime" as the chief property curator for TRIPWIX.
"All my life I have been a stickler for design detail and luxury - that's why every home is inspected for quality and comfort by somebody with a strong background in the luxury interior design or hospitality industry. We put special emphasis on the quality of the bedding. I believe Tripwix is the only property rental company in the world to rank the bedding in each home."

Lisa is also a frustrated golfer, party princess, avid traveller, and curious about all the good things life has to offer.

She has been a founding partner of Punta de Mita Rentals since 2015 and TRIPWIX since 2016.