What is a Blue Cruise Along the Turquoise Coast?

The spectacular shoreline along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas is bountiful in its natural gifts. From the Turkish province of Antalya in the south as you head west to the Datça Peninsula, you’ll be mesmerized by the crystal-clear waters in every shade of blue and turquoise imaginable. It’s not hard to imagine where the “Blue Cruise” got its name.

The southern coast of the Republic of Turkey enjoys a warm climate all year round. The relatively balmy sea temperatures are perfect and the joys of swimming, snorkeling, diving and just messing about on the water are endless.

Crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life
Waters are so clear here that counting the spots on the back of a passing fish or the wrinkles on the flipper of an ancient sea turtle become commonplace. In fact, the waters from around Kalkan – known as the Lycian Way – westward to Castellorizo, the last island in the chain of the Greek Dodecaneses, are teeming with so many turtles that swimming alongside or spotting them from the deck almost becomes boring! Seeing so many of these ancient sea creatures in such splendid health and their sheer numbers will bring a smile to the face of any traveller.

Lovely locations for land lubbers, too
The mountainous scenery and abundant natural and archaeological points of interest makes this stretch of coastline a fascinating destination for history buffs and archaeologists alike – not to mention hikers. There are many lovely locations in which to swim or head ashore and wander through peaceful ancient ruins or clamber over rugged landscapes before heading back to the boat for another hearty meal.

Clearly, the idea of cruising is to be on the water – but should you bore of pulling into a picture-perfect aquamarine cove with a soft, sandy bottom and not a soul in sight – there are innumerable small marinas and harbours with great restaurants, shopping and nightlife.

The peace and tranquility, the option to sail or motor, the feel of the bare wooden deck below your feet, the ample accommodations on board, the knowledge and amiability of the Turkish crews and the miles of pristine coastline to be explored are just a few of the reasons why everybody should have a Blue Cruise on their must-experience list. (Is “bucket list” too American?)

Gorgeous Gulets
What better way to enjoy a blue cruise experience than aboard a classic-style Turkish gulet? The town of Bodrum and its marina, as well as neighboring Aegean and Lycian marinas, offer many opportunities to indulge in the gulet experience. These fat-bottomed, wooden sailing beauties sit low in the water and ride the waves in perfect harmony. They offer large saloons and decks for partying, lounging, sunbathing and even BBQs! And the large, luxey cabins are ideal for winding down at the end of a memorable day at sea.

We were so impressed with these lovely ladies that we decided to create the Tripwix Gulet Collection in their honor. We inspected many, many gulets and ketches to bring you the best of the best. Let us prepare you a seafaring sojourn along the Turquoise Coast. Contact us today!

Lisa Bruno

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