Eastern Algarve – Faro, Tavira, Olhão and Vila Real Santo António

"As if afloat, beaches, towns, and villages all ebb and flow with the tides." - Reviewed by Lisa

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Water, water everywhere – an enchanting and mystifying land of rivers, lagoons, sandbars, spits, and islands. Bridges divide towns, small boats plough bodies of water, all interconnected but charmingly detached.

A place entrenched in centuries of history, loaded with well-preserved architecture, resplendent in natural beauty, overflowing with seafood delicacies, home to some superb golf courses, inland beauty, and the gateway to Spain.

If treading the off-the-beaten path is appealing, but you have no desire to sacrifice creature comforts, this could be your new Portugal nirvana.

Sophisticated and surprising, delightful and awe-inspiring, Eastern Algarve has it all.

Beaches in Eastern Algarve

White sand beaches stretch for over 60 km. Often divided by waterways, many are only accessible by boat and are lusciously secluded when you reach them. Shelling is a delight in Easter Algarve.

Monte Gordo is the only large resort with 12 km of wonderful walking beach served by excellent bars and restaurants.

Golf in Eastern Algarve

With plenty of choices, Monte Rei stands out as the jewel of the Algarve golf courses. Designed by Jack Nicklaus, with a 2nd course under construction, expect to enjoy a five-star experience. Offering exceptional facilities from driving range to clubhouse it’s no surprise the course has ranked No. 1 in Portugal by Golf Digest

Nature in Eastern Algarve

A 60 km stretch of National Park known as the Rio Formosa is home to a surfeit of seabird species and a fragile tidal ecosystem. Islands and sandbars act as a barrier against the ravages of the Atlantic, making its sheltered waters and extensive seagrass meadows an ideal breeding ground for slow swimming sea creatures.

Sightseeing in Eastern Algarve

Faro, Tavira, Olhão, Vila Real Santo António, Castro Marim and Alcoutrim are just some of the exceptionally attractive towns and cities of the Eastern Algarve. Expect to find history, museums, architecture and a well-preserved past dating from Phoenicians, Moors to Romans and back to Neolithic times.

Shellfish lovers will delight in the abundance of variety, either dug or fished from the local waters. A boat ride will explain the multitude of clam species and why they reach such heady prices.

Indulge in at least one recipe of the famed Santa Luzia octopus. Visit the beautiful Olhão food market and marvel at the goods and the architecture, designed by Gustave Eiffel of ‘tower’ fame.

The two countries are divided by the River Guadiana. A quick trip across the bridge delivers you very quickly into the heart of Andalucía with Ayamonte, Seville, Cadiz and Jerez easily accessible.


  • 30 minutes’ drive to Faro International Airport
  • 3 hours to Lisbon International Airport
  • 30 minutes to the border with Spain
  • 2 hours to Seville International Airport