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Hedonism or seclusion. Party or chill. Take your pick!

Today’s Mykonos might not have the same sybaritic glamor as the Mykonos of the 1950s, worshipped by the then doyens of Hollywood glitterati, but it most certainly has not lost its allure. Discovered by Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas and Jackie O and then put on the map by the likes of Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly, Princess Soraya, Nureyev and Pierre Cardin, todays celebs, super models, musicians and super wealthy are still returning to Mykonos in droves. The island keeps on giving and can be quite the chameleon, offering many things to many people from all day parties and jamming beach clubs to secluded crystal clear beaches ideal for water sports enthusiasts and small whitewashed villages offering fine examples of Cycladic architecture.



The Greek island of Mykonos is part of the Cyclades archipelago, sitting in the center of the Aegean Sea, 150km east of Athens. Though definitely the chain’s most famed island, it is actually the smallest, at just 90SqKm.

Summers in Mykonos are warm, arid, and clear; winters are long, cold, and partly cloudy. It is windy year-round. Temperatures typically vary 47-84°F (8.8 – 28.8ºC) and are rarely below 39°F or above 89°F (3.6 – 31.6ºC).


With pre-11th century origins, became a prosperous 18th century trading post. In WW1 many locals left for foreign parts but the rich, famous, artists and politicians rediscovered the island in 1930’s and have not stopped visiting.


The freshest of local fish, tasty meze, island cheeses, international options and lengthy wine lists. Cute and stylish dining abounds just as expected from a destination catering to super stars, the beautiful and trendy.


The island is a paradise for water sport and sunbathing enthusiasts! Attracting surfers, sailors, party goers, nudists, and families. You’ll have no problem finding a beach to fit your needs!


The local currency is the Euro.


Luxury brand names jostle with one another in cute shop fronts. Find everything from big-name designs to funky island fashions, with local designers offering jewellery, bags, T-shirts, great mementos, and fun take-home gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mykonos, Greece

Can I island hop from Mykonos?
Yes! And we have some wonderful private charters available for day hopping. We HIGHLY recommend a multi-island vacay. Discover 2 or more islands with private yacht transfers, party and/or peace!

Will I enjoy Mykonos if I do not want to party?
With a summer scene that sizzles 24/7, it’s hard to ignore the party vibe, but rest assured there are beautiful peaceful properties in quiet locations ideal for family getaways and quiet breaks.

What should I pack for a vacation in Mykonos?
Definitely a bathing suit, cover up and sandals. Casual chic clothing is de rigeur, bring a sweater or windbreaker for boat rides or when the wind picks up during the shoulder seasons.

What language do they speak in Mykonos?
Greek is the official language but with such a cosmopolitan crowd expect to hear and speak most European languages, English, Russian and many more.