Tripwix Ambassadors – Friends in High Places

For most of us, life’s most inspiring moments happen when we least expect them. That is, when circumstances come together in what appears to be a magical synchronicity in space and time. But, what if we could make the odds of having a unique encounter all the more favourable? That’s where our carefully selected Tripwix Ambassadors come into force.

Friends in High Places

One of the ways that booking your getaways through Tripwix guarantees unique experiences for you and your companions is by virtue of the contacts and first-hand knowledge our Ambassadors offer. Tripwix Ambassadors are not just experts on things to do in their destinations. They know the best people in town to make the experience unique, no matter your penchant. We like to think of it as putting you in touch with our friends in each destination. Not just “any” friend, someone who can make things happen and show you something new.

Elena Domecq Tripwix Ambassador for Jerez and Seville, Spain

People You Want to Know

Unlike what you find with many rental companies, Tripwix’s Ambassadors are the kind of people you want to meet. In other words, they are the sort of hosts that look for the same kinds of luxuries as you when they head out on a getaway. They are fully accustomed to luxury and the high standards you seek.

For example, when our Ambassadors recommend the best golf courses in the area, they speak from experience, having played at the world’s top courses themselves. When they suggest a restaurant or local libation for you to try, they are comparing the high standards they like to experience on their own jet-set travels. And, if our Tripwix Ambassadors don’t have first-hand experience in the passion of your choice, they are worldly enough to know exactly who to ask to deliver what you want.

Peer-to-Peer Pampering

We call our Tripwix Ambassadors a peer-to-peer service because we hand-pick our Ambassadors based on whether we think they would be the kind of person we would invite to dinner with our most distinguished friends. They should not be confused with a concierge — we also have teams of Local Hosts in each destination who support our Ambassadors with your day-to- day arrangements.


Tripwix Ambassadors Credentials

Douro Valley Tripwix Ambassadors
Teresa and Manual Lobo – Ambassadors for Douro Valley, Portugal

Most of our Ambassadors come to us through personal recommendation, nominated for a variety of reasons: intelligence, wit, charm, extensive experience in luxury hospitality and so on. Some own a luxury home in the area and wish to represent the homes of their friends. Some are local celebrities or artists. Others are experts in a particular field, such as wine-making, golf, surfing, and hunting, to name a few. Really, they are the kind of people that make great dinner-table conversation.

The Family Touch

Tripwix can be compared to a family dedicated to luxury. You become part of the Tripwix family the moment you make your reservation with us. Our Tripwix Ambassadors will receive you like a homecoming and treat you like one of our own.

Become an Ambassador

Do you have a deep passion for where you live and know a dozen or so luxury homeowners who might be interested in renting their property to like-minded jet-setters? Why not join the family as a Tripwix Ambassador and share your local knowledge and passion? Email us today, or call:

USA / CAN: +1 (877) TRIPWIX / +1(877) 874 7949
EUR: +351 962 031 231
MEX: +52 322 135 5983

Remember … you dream it, and our hand-picked Ambassadors deliver it wherever you choose to venture.

Miguel Carvalho

Miguel Neves de Carvalho is Portuguese, from the southern region of Portugal, Alentejo. But, he considers himself a citizen of the world, having lived in Portugal, Mozambique, USA, Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai, and now, Mexico. For Miguel, the world seems a relatively easy place to get around as he speaks fluent Portuguese, English, Spanish and French and has a good understanding of Italian. His passion is to travel in order to eat and drink! Offer him the most unusual local dishes anywhere in the world and he is curious to try it and he will want to know what drink is typically served with it. Other passions include polo, horse riding, rugby, cigars and most recently ... golf.